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  1. dougthonus

    Bulls honor Pippen with statue

    What should it be? I have two basic ideas. Go with your classic defensive stance, or the stair down, punching dunk over Ewing.
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    The memo
  3. dougthonus

    Some Real Life basketball

    Anyone interested in playing some real life basketball this Sunday at 1pm in Schaumburg at the YMCA. Cost is $9. I'm trying to get a group together to play. We've got four guys so far.
  4. dougthonus

    Bulls season opener party

    Okay, it will almost certainly be a losing effort and depressing night, but anyone want to come over and watch the season opener at my house? As per usual events at my house the following things apply: 1) I will buy pizza and supply pop 2) If you want beer that's fine, but bring your own, take...
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    Bulls Beat #128

    The slow month times are on us as perhaps the only entirely dead month of NBA basketball news trudges on. I break down a variety of topics related to the fit and future of the roster, coaching staff, and answer your email questions. Subscribe Via Itunes to the Bullsbeat Bulls Beat #128
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    Bulls Beat #126 - The final bullsbeat It's not epic, it's not filled with great inside info, it's simply the final episode of the Bulls Beat podcast where I say my goodbyes to you, the fans who've made this show worth doing for the past few years. For those who don't want...
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    Gordon's official contract numbers 5/58, player option in year 5, unknown incentives
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    Bulls want Bayless as part of Boozer trade? I'm too lazy to retype everything, so I'm just copying my blog post.
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    Bulls Beat #125

    A discussion of Ben Gordon leaving the Bulls, the money involved, and the future direction of the franchise without him. Subscribe Via Itunes to the Bullsbeat Bulls Beat #125
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    Bulls Beat #124

    I discuss the Bulls draft, rather belatedly, free agency on the horizon, ben gordon's situation, answer email questions, and attempt to get back on a more normal recording schedule Subscribe Via Itunes to the Bullsbeat Bulls Beat #124
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    Hinrich friends rumor / character rumors are bs
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    OT; I got a new job

    Well I feel as though I know most of you so well, so I wanted to share this good news with everyone. Starting Monday, I'll be working downtown at a financial firm as a project engineer. It was a nice job to land in a rough economy, so I'm pretty happy to get the opportunity. The downside...
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    Final Draft board
  14. dougthonus

    Bulls rejected (for now) at #11, would have taken Henderson (so sources tell me)
  15. dougthonus

    Bulls Beat #123 Released

    I discuss the final four prospects in DX's top 26. Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans, DeMar DeRozan, and Jordan Hill as well as giving out my talent breakdown as far as what order I would rank the prospects in on draft day. Subscribe Via Itunes to the Bullsbeat Bulls Beat #123
  16. dougthonus

    Bulls Beat #122 top of the draft prospects

    I discuss some of the top prospects in the draft Blake Griffin, Ricky Rubio, Hasheem Thabeet, Brandon Jennings, and James Harden Subscribe Via Itunes to the Bullsbeat Bulls Beat #122
  17. dougthonus

    Bullsbeat 121 - big men part 2

    I discuss big man prospects for the Bulls going over Tyler Hansbrough, Austin Daye, Sam Young, Gani Lawal, and Omri Casspi Subscribe Via Itunes to the Bullsbeat Bulls Beat #121
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    Update on Deng's condition: Still not 100%

    Update on Deng's condition Some more at the link.
  19. dougthonus

    Did Tyrus's jumper improve last year?

    Did Tyrus improve his jumper last year? A long discussion about Tyrus's jump shot and whether it's gotten better from the 07/08 season to the 08/09 season using stats from NBA hotspots, synergy, and
  20. dougthonus

    Bullsbeat #120

    I discuss the mid first round point guard / combo guard prospects in this draft: Jeff Teague, Jonny Flynn, Eric Maynor, Ty Lawson, and Jrue Holiday Subscribe Via Itunes to the Bullsbeat Bulls Beat #120