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    Tim Donaghy's book

    I just read excerpts of Tim Donaghy's book on HoopsHype. This is great stuff. He is completely throwing guys under the bus. It also sounds like he talks a lot about how crooked the NBA is. I know that I have always thought that the league wants playoff series to go seven games, but he confirms...
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    Marbury has really lost it

    Check this out. Marbury is crazy. Who know what they hit. There has got to be some legal ramifications after this, right?
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    Cubs ownership transition

    I haven't heard anything recently about the ownership transition other than Buster Olney repeatedly reminding everyone how it has cost the Cubs Jake Peavy. I was just wondering if anyone has heard or read anything new.
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    Linton Johnson gets some PT?!

    Ok, forgive me if this has already been touched on, but who the hell is Linton Johnson and what was he doing in the game yesterday? I realize it was the second game of a back to back and our bench isnt all that deep since our $70 million man is riding the bench because of a hang nail, but why...