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    Long Road to Arlington Heights for the Bears

    No problem man, somebody's gotta do it!
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    Long Road to Arlington Heights for the Bears

    You dont grow a city on feelings & nostalgia. The facts are the facts. The Field Museum tax filings are public record. In 2019 they reported $90M gross revenue and $80M in expenses. Thats a $10M net.,362167011/ All the...
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    Long Road to Arlington Heights for the Bears

    You should go help the Field Museum haul in another dinosaur exhibit, while the multi-billion dollar sports franchise leaves the city. I'll continue using talk-to-text while driving to Arlington Heights.
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    Long Road to Arlington Heights for the Bears

    Lightfoot and the city officials are stupid if they let the Bears leave the downtown area. A smart business minded Mayor would give up the entire f'ing museum campus area over there to accomadate a state-of-the-art facility and all its glory. Who the hell goes to the museum these days anyway...
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    First shot of Justin Fields in a Bears gameday jersey

    I saw the words "shot" & Justin Fields" in the title and almost had a panic attack.
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    Morgan Moses to visit Bears

    Is he any good? Meaning starter quality. I dont watch a lot of WFT.
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    Bears fandom rules.

    All good, just having fun bro.
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    Bears fandom rules.

    Ok, now you about to crossing some lines.
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    Bears fandom rules.

    Pump your brakes kid. That mans a national treasure.
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    Where do you rank David Montgomery at RB?

    His 2020 season is literally top 5 RB production. 1070 - Rushing Yards (5th) 438 - Receiving Yards (4th) 1508 - All Purpose Yard (4th)
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    NFL Trends

    I've been watching football a long time man, never have I seen a 6'6" running back.
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    Eric Fisher as bridge LT?

    Stop being scared of failing. My goodness, throw the kid Jenkins out there and let him learn on the job. Better for him to make his mistakes protecting Dalton or Foles. But to use the cap space on a bridge Left Tackle is waistful. Especially after drafting a Tackle that has 1st round grade...
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    Chicago No To Moving Bears Stadium

    Average lifespan of a modern NFL stadium is 30 years. Which is why the Bears lease with the city of Chicago is set to expire in 2033. We're about 10 years away. Im sure the process of navigating through city politics, zoning, permits, league approval, building construction, etc would take 5-7...
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    Larry Borom

    The plan seems to be: Get tougher on the o-line!
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    Day 3 Targets

    The way I worded it in my post was confusing. He'll be 28 on the tag. Birthday in August. So a new contract will be paying for ages 29-32 on a 4 yr deal. With the cap going up, he's going to want $80M plus. I'd rather build a new core with Fields, Jenkins, Monty, Mooney, etc. But who knows?
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    Day 3 Targets

    Yeah, pro day 40 times are always inflated. But the kid can move for his size. I dont think Pace has any intentions on extending A-Rob in his 30's. Especially if the rumors of trying to sign Kenny Galloday was true back in march. I think Pace will be looking for a guy with traits to be an X...
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    Day 3 Targets

    Tamorrion Terry WR - Florida State 6'4" 210lbs 4.45 - 40 yrd dash
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    "98 percent" of NFL teams think the 49ers will draft Mac Jones, Michael Lombardi reports

    4) Atlanta Falcons 5) Cincinnati Bengals 6) Miami Dolphins (from PHI) 7) Detroit Lions 8) Carolina Panthers 9) Denver Broncos 10) Dallas Cowboys 11) New York Giants 12) Philadelphia Eagles (from SF through MIA) 13) Los Angeles Chargers 14) Minnesota Vikings 15) New England Patriots 16) Arizona...
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    Anthony Miller traded soon?

    I'd never wish for someone to fail, but lets be real here. Neither Nagy or Mitch is the blame for him not living up to his potential. Dude was given the perfect opportunity to excel. Allen Robinson is one of the best vets in the league to learn every nuance of the WR position and to pattern your...