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    Who do you want?

    Lets say we strike out on the big 3, who do you want? Amare, Boozer, Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay, or David Lee
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    My Ode to Jannero Pargo

    It is time to SHUT DOWN THE CARTER on Jannero Pargo as an NBA player. I'll be surprised to see him in the league next year. 3TO in the last 2 minutes you suck and need to hand over your Bulls jersey immediately. My suggestion, Jannero you might want to take as many foreign language courses as...
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    I'm scared, is anyone esle

    I'm afraid that the the basketball romantics that is the Bulls' front office will not make a move at the trade deadline to clear cap space for 2010, my fear is Salmons and Kirk will be on the roster at the end of the season.
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    Its about time the Bulls part w/ their man-crush, Craptain Thrust, Kirk Hinrich, this guy has clouded the orginizations judgement, he is a crutch, that they lean on and refuse to part w/. I'm feed up w/ his overrated defense, his inability to knockdown wide open jump shots. The Craptain can be...
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    A friend and I were talking and he said he is not watching Chicago sports in 2010, I will join him, in 2010 I will not watch Bulls basketball until Kirk and Vinny our no longer with the Bulls organization, I will not watch the bears until Lovie Smith, Ron Turner, and Jerry Angelo our no longer...
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    Buy Vinny's House

    I was listening to ESPN RADIO 1000, and it was a report that Vinny was putting his Chicago home up for sale, what does this mean?
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    Could Taj take Tyrus's spot?

    Taj Gibson looks like he could be the Bulls starting PF, I hope Tyrus is watching, because I think his job could be in jeopardy. Taj has knocked down the mid-range shot, rebounded, and played good defense. He has been a pleasent suprise.
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    How much should PER be valued, to me its OVERRATED

    Check out John Hollinger's PER projections, I perfer to use the eye test when evaluating players talent, PER is nice if you like this stuff, its funny how Hollinger when you check out Rose's profile(he is #96)is still bitter about Brook Lopez not...
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    Jason Collins signed a 1yr deal with the Hawks, he is probably one of the worst NBA players ever seen. I want to know who are your top 5 bums to ever put on an NBA uniform. 1.Pat Riley 2.Dickie Simpkins 3.Jason/Jaron Collins (they are both the same player) 4.Bo Kimble 5.Corey Gaines Bonus pick...