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    Fields fumbled two snaps under center

    Worried? I’m not, Mitch had this problem to early on. If Mitch can make that fix anyone can
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    If Dalton sux week 1 and starts week2 in Chicago

    I think we will hear the loudest boo birds ever!!! That will for Nagy to play Fields the 2nd half. And the fans! Will lead the bears to the playoffs based on the home crowd pressure to play him.
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    No Chance Vs Schedule

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    Who’s the good and bust QB’s?

    Let’s only include the 1st round QB’s please. It is statically pretty common that a qb pick will not pan out in the NFL. So who out of these 5 guys do you think will be out of the nfl in 5 years or a career back up? My prediction: Lawerence: Greatest potential since Andrew Luck and will live...
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    Perfect movie quotes for Pace?

    Ya know just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber you go and do something like this................and totally redeem yourself!!!!!!! thankyou pace and dumb and dumber
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    I want Mac Jones

    I think the bears will trade up for this guy possibly a trade with the pats. Just watched 3 highlight videos of this dude. Everyone says he had a great support cast which he did. However the WR’s don’t throw to themselves. Look at his passes: in stride, perfect spiral, down field accuracy...
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    Bears are the top offer for Wentz?

    Me and most fans don’t want Wentz so why does Pace and Nagy want him? Easy answer: Their jobs are on the line! This is a last ditch effort by Pace hoping that he will get the good Wentz and not last years Wentz. If the bears do get this crybaby over paid overrated QB I know it will blow up in...
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    Texans reporter on what it will take to get Watson

    Ever heard of R Smith?
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    No Chance for Watson

    You know Pace guys. He will over pay for a guy like Winston or draft a QB out of Naperville Community College.
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    Henne > Trubisky

    Y’all watching the chiefs game?
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    No Chance vs Off-season

    Not with Pace. He will draft a QB out of NIU lol
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    Playoff Specialist: No Chance In Nola.

    The bears SUCK Saints: 7 Bears: 0
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    Nagy Was Right

    Doesn’t matter if the D can’t stop their own grandma
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    Keep Rodgers off the field? BS strategy

    I hear people saying the bears gameplan should be to have long drives and keep #12 off the field. Well there is kind of a problem. That strategy doesn’t work if he scores every time he’s on the field. The strategy should be to blitz his ass and try to beat him straight up
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    No Chance Against The Packers

    The bears season on the line obviously. Look for Mitch to have the game of his life with his future on the line as well. mitch: 27-34 3 TD 1 Int Packers: 44 Bears: 21
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    Are the packers playing the starters?

    I hate the idea of “ keep him off the field” that concept doesn’t work if he scores every time he’s on the field. You can’t keep him off the field the packers get the ball at some point. Unless the bears score 3 times on 1 possession which is impossible of course that concept doesn’t work
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    Are the packers playing the starters?

    Yeah the saying is “ to be the best beat the best” blah blah blahhhhh. We all know if Rodgers plays we are fucked. Our only chance is playing against the replacements.
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    No Chance in Jacksonville.

    Fuckin Slayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No Chance in Jacksonville.

    Nagy is going to be so scared to throw downfield that Mitch will average 3.0 ypc. It is a playoff game. The offense will be scared just like they were against the Eagles in 2018 playoff game under Nagy when the offense was horrible
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    No Chance in Jacksonville.

    Glennon: 21/39- 129 yards 1 TD Mitch: 34/57 207 yards 1 TD 2 int Jags: 10 Bears:7