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  1. BillBrasky

    More doom and gloom: Skilled positions ranked 28th by Bleacher Report

    It just keeps getting darker and darker. First, the Bears strength of schedule was ranked 3rd hardest by the NFL here. Then the offensive line was ranked 27th by PFF here. And now the running backs/receivers have been ranked 28th by Bleacher Report here. Can Justin Fields really make a...
  2. BillBrasky

    Run, Justin, run! Bears OL ranked 27th by PFF

    For what it's worth, PFF says the retooled OL is still bottom 10. Can Nagy run his offense with this lineup? Can Justin, Andy and Nick stay off of IR? We'll learn a lot in the early games against the Rams (Donald) and the Browns (Clowney and Garrett). Stay tuned.... PPF OL rankings
  3. BillBrasky

    Bear's draft, FA signings should have one goal: beating Green Bay

    Next season, the Bears are going to lose a bunch of non-conference games to the good AFC teams on their schedule. Given the strong NFC South and West, the Bears will not make the playoffs as a wild card. Their focus should be entirely on beating Green Bay to win the Central division - even if...
  4. BillBrasky

    Bears 2021 schedule is out - what's your final record?

    Bears 2021 schedule set as: Home: Packers Vikings Lions 49ers Cardinals Ravens Bengals Giants Away: Packers Vikings Lions Steelers Rams Browns Seahawks Buccaneers My doom and gloom prediction: wins over Bengals, Lions and Giants at home, no road victories. 3 - 13