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    Norm MacDonald's dead

    Real shame. I thought he was always hilarious.
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    Yermin Retires

    Odd move, but apparently he's done.
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    Ryan Ramcyzk re-signs for a lot of money

    Aaand the most attractive free agent on the Bears list next year, one that had a reasonable chance of hitting the market since Terron Armstead also was an unrestricted free agent, is gone. Bummer.
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    Is there any doubt about Khalil Herbert?

    This guy is a classic Pace pick. Screams Jordan Howard-type talent who seems destined to put up a big season or two in Chicago. Bears never miss on these runningbacks under Pace. Even Jeremy Langford looked like a keeper his rookie year but washed out of the league for his own reasons. I think...
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    Eric Fisher as bridge LT?

    It was brought up in another thread but I think it warrants its own discussion. There were rumors Eric Fisher was in talks with a few franchises before the draft and the Bears wasted no time clearing nine million dollars and cutting the player he would replace. Bears still have some low-hanging...
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    Teven Jenkins, RT

    Biggs says this is the guy.
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    "Andy is our starter"

    Says Ryan Pace tonight, after drafting Justin Fields.
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    Pro Football Focus: Bears have had the NFL's worst off-season so far They don't explicitly state it but the Bears are the only team to achieve the distinction of having their off-season graded as "poor" instead of merely "below-average". I do not regard Pro Football Focus' grades but this just shows that its...
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    Golladay to Giants for $40m guaranteed, monster deal

    $18,000,000 AAV, which is the same as the franchise tag number. Monster deal. All those who said the saturated market would suppress salaries? Yeah, turns out not really.
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    Ifedi Returns

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    Roy Robertson-Harris gets $14,000,000 guaranteed (Jags)

    Was a good player most of the time in Chicago. No way was he worth this kind of coin, I'm actually shocked he got it after the season he had (or really the season he didn't have). I guess teams with money to burn are sometimes just looking for ways to meet the cap floor. Obvious compensatory...
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    Drew Brees has retired

    This happened earlier today. I think it deserves a thread. The guy was inarguably one of the ten best to ever do it and had become truly the face of the Saints. Him and Payton took that team from being the 'Aints to a title winner and one of the more successful franchises in the NFL.
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    Chris Godwin probably getting franchise tag Seems pretty definitive. The big component to this story is that Godwin has stated that he's willing to play on the franchise tag, so once this tag happens he's officially off the market. As...
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    OTC Comp Pick Predictions (Bears two sixths)

    Nothing for Kevin Pierre-Louis and nothing for Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix. They do mention that Clinton-Dix is a bubble case, so maybe they get lucky.
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    Kindle Vildor has an NFL future

    Really surefire tackler and quite physical. The Saints tried to pick on him early and gave up after only scoring seven points in the first half. He's not perfect, but no rookie cornerback is. Especially one drafted in the fifth round. His game actually reminds me quite a bit of Fuller's. This...
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    Eddie Jackson is soft, inattentive, unaware and probably doesn't care

    I cant believe how far he has fallen. His tackling has never been good but it fell off a cliff this year, and even then that's an acceptable part of his game if he's the playmaking quarterback of the defensive backfield that he was his first three years with the Bears. But now its awful. The...
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    The Bears failed Anthony Miller

    Talented player who showed tons of promise his first two years but never achieved due to the the woefulness of the offensive around him. This third year has been a disaster for him in every way. He was never coached right, never given the right encouragement or the right discipline. This was a...
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    The Bears have not (yet) said they are retaining Matt Nagy...

    The obvious rationale would be that the Bears dont want to offer any distractions heading into a playoff game, but that theory falls apart under more thought. Nagy's job status has been the elephant in the room the entire second half of the season, his fate appeared sealed at one point but he...
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    Eagles openly tanking on SNF

    This is a true travesty.
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    Baker is blowing it

    Just fumbled with 3:14 left. That's the worst kind of quarterback to have, a guy who sucks but will never get replaced.