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  1. Bear_Assed

    What if Robinson and/or Mooney had held onto the ball?

    A Rob is a top 20 WR but will never be top 10. I think the only reason Mike Furry has a job is because he has a lot of energy and jumps around a lot.
  2. Bear_Assed

    Erik Lambert: LT Savior!

    With the increase in number of players a team can put on their practice squad, safe to say anyone that wasn’t already on a teams PS roster is hot garbage
  3. Bear_Assed

    Minshew to Eagles

    They probably did and Foles said no. Watch Foles presser from a few weeks ago. He admitted teams were looking to trade for him but he didn’t want to go
  4. Bear_Assed

    I went to the bears game today

    I also went to the game. 1/2 fans clapped for Trubisky, most others did nothing. Some idiots booed. team looked terrible. If this is any indication of the regular season, this will be Nagys last year
  5. Bear_Assed

    Teven Jenkins' back "tightness"

    Thayer called it two weeks ago
  6. Bear_Assed

    Welp, Jenkins to have back surgery

    Every single GM in need of a OT and passed on Jenkins because of his back concerns in the draft are feeling pretty good about their staff today.
  7. Bear_Assed

    Pace please: +Rodney Adams - Javon Wims - Riley Ridley.

    whos playing special teams?
  8. Bear_Assed

    Rookie QB's debut's

    Lance had one big play. Fields, after two 3 and outs, was constantly effected for the next 3 drives and scored the most points of all rookie QBs. I have a feeling Nagy just wanted to make sure fields would be just as good against live competition as he’s been in camp . Which he was. And might...
  9. Bear_Assed

    Goldman to COVID/reserve list

    Yikes! If this is the case that really sucks for a guy who was willing to skip an entire season to avoid getting Covid because of his family, then ends up getting it anyway the first week back.
  10. Bear_Assed

    Goldman to COVID/reserve list

    We will find out if/when he gets fined for wearing not wearing a mask without having the vaccine.
  11. Bear_Assed

    Your boy Leno doing his thing last night…

    I agree. But can’t think of any other reason why they haven’t signed anyone yet with all the injuries
  12. Bear_Assed

    Goldman to COVID/reserve list

    So do we know, did he get Covid after getting the vaccine? Or did he lie about getting the vaccine? He was at Halas without his mask, meaning he told the team he was vaccinated.
  13. Bear_Assed

    Your boy Leno doing his thing last night…

    My guess is bears find a LT during final roster cuts who costs 1/3 of what Leno would and is as good.
  14. Bear_Assed

    Your boy Leno doing his thing last night…

    Lots of people are trying to make the case that it was a mistake to cut him. Why would it be a mistake if he’s not good. Because we have a shit load of injuries at tackle? How would Leno help if he’s not good? Especially at $11 mil?
  15. Bear_Assed

    Your boy Leno doing his thing last night…

    For all of you thinking we should have kept Leno at $11 million this year (even tho he could only get $4 mil from any of the other 31 teams), I feel it’s safe to say he’s still avg at best and nowhere near worth $11 mil. Dumb contract by Pace. Had to be cut.
  16. Bear_Assed

    First Official Unofficial Depth Chart

    If bears play Fields a lot this Saturday, it better be a bunch of two TE sets, quick slants, and run the hell out of the ball. Otherwise he’ll get killed with these tackles
  17. Bear_Assed

    Ogletree and Roquan seem to fit better.

    Could be wrong, but I think Ogletree is mostly running with the 3s.
  18. Bear_Assed

    Training camp official Thursday 8/5 thread for tweets

    All three QBs are wearing tinted visors at camp. Aren’t tinted visors illegal? Why would they practice with visors if they can’t wear them during the season? Seems strange
  19. Bear_Assed

    Rick Wagner

    This guy is pretty good. Never throws out dumb rumors. But who knows…
  20. Bear_Assed

    Teven Jenkins' back "tightness"

    Tom Thayer said this morning, since he’s not doing anything at all in practice like even taking mental reps, he’s likely a ways away from playing and may end up needing surgery at this point