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  1. LordKOTL

    Rangers set the precedent...

    Rangers fire GM Jeff Gorton, president John Davidson in stunning move I know hope springs eternal...
  2. LordKOTL

    Farewell Seabrook

    Brent Seabrook announces retirement <--I believe WGN Radio is credible. Glad he was able to spend his career as a Blackhawk. In my opinion, the bets to wear the #7 in terms of complete on-ice player--especially leadership. Also glad he's not a recapture :). Hell of a career...
  3. LordKOTL

    2020 Shot analysis

    So per @MassHavoc request, I crunched a few number for our shots for and against, vs goals for and against. I have a running sheet on this so it will be updated but as of this post it includes the 11-19 Carolina match. So far this season we've had a positive shot differential in 4 of our 21...
  4. LordKOTL

    Chris Kunitz returns... an advisor. Ehhh...couldn't hurt, to be honest.
  5. LordKOTL

    Who's the bigger liability on Defense?

    Self-explanitory. I don't know about the rest of you but I cringe whenever these two stp onto the ice....
  6. LordKOTL

    RIP Stan Mikita The 'hawks lost one of their best players ever. RIP.
  7. LordKOTL

    RIP Chuck Barris I was and still am a fan of the Gong Show. Granted, I'm not a fan of it's most notorious spinoff: The United States Government, but I digress... RIP.
  8. LordKOTL

    Congrats to Kane and Panarin!!!! HARDWARE BABY!!!!

    So this doesn't get lost in the noise... Congrats to Kane on winning the Hart and being the 1st US-born player to win it since Billy Burch back in the 20's! Also, Congrats to Kane on taking home the Ted Lindsay award! Also, Congrats to Panarin for winning the Calder!!!!! All well won...
  9. LordKOTL

    Kinda Hockey-related...Sheldon Kennedy

    So my wife, who works as a forensic child interviewer, is at a symposium this week about abused kids. One of the speakers today is Sheldon Kennedy--Ex NHL-er who was abused by the same criminal fuck (Graham James) that abused Theo Fleury. I figured it might be interesting so some of the hockey...
  10. LordKOTL

    How far do the Blackhawks go in 2016?

    Well, in spite of all of the moves (or lack thereof) how far do you think the 'hawks will get this coming season?
  11. LordKOTL

    US open cup: Dempsy rips up Ref's notebook.

    Did any other soccer/Chicago Fire fans see or more likely hear about this? As a Timers Army member (I come in peace), I though it was a crybaby move. What does everyone else think?
  12. LordKOTL

    Congrats to Crawford on his 2nd Jennings

    Thought this was thread-worthy. Crawford had a great season--6th in SV% and kept us in a significant amount of games this year we had no business competing in. Hoping Dr. Craw can keep it up in the playoffs and help us bring home the Holy Grail.
  13. LordKOTL

    FCC & NFL blackouts - Possible NHL consequences?</p>  </p> So I read this article and based on the fact it's targeting the behemoth that is the NFL, I figure the result of this could have impacts regarding all leagues:  NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and any leage...
  14. LordKOTL

    Necrophilia: The Sudden Urge to Crack Open a Cold One W....T....F....: Discuss.
  15. LordKOTL

    RIP Alex Karras Goodbye Mongo. This seriously sucks.
  16. LordKOTL

    Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords? I've been following this topic for a couple of weeks now and am intrested to hear other opinions on it: How far should employers be able to go when it comes to social media? Should an employer be able to...
  17. LordKOTL

    Kids burn down Slovak castle Been to the castle--it totally sucks conscerning some of the cool stuff there, but accordinfg to Slovak radio, it was mostly the roof that burned, not the walls themselves. Even though they probably can't be prosecuted, they might be sent to a juvenile...
  18. LordKOTL

    New Hungarian Constitution Adopted, Citizens Protest Basically, the Hungarian government's majority party re-wrote their constitution setting it up more as a theocracy--specifically defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and defining life beggining at conception. They also wrote in laws...
  19. LordKOTL

    McD Named CEO of the Blackhawks|CHI|home Bleh. And yes...I fail at spelling.
  20. LordKOTL

    Epic Fail

    Bwahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! Nothing against those of the Jewish faith...but wow! Epic Fail!