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  1. ytsejam

    Official "420" thread

    I made space tacos last week I made with free taco mix I got in some sort of bonus from dispensary.
  2. ytsejam

    Any audiophiles here?

    I think I forgot to mention something about my new duos... BASS!!! Makes my Martin Logan bookshelves + SVS subwoofer system sound muddy. Sub will hit lower notes but not a whole lot lower. The electronics in the duos make the difference I think. It's all just so tight and precise.
  3. ytsejam

    What Are You Eating Right Now?

    @HawkBear I'm thinking of ordering a taco pizza to pick up after work. Should I get extras on it such as bacon and jalapenos?
  4. ytsejam

    Who do you want to see in a celebrity mma fight?

    Any badass vs Bill Cosby.
  5. ytsejam

    Any audiophiles here?
  6. ytsejam

    Any audiophiles here?

    Anyone using Roon? I'm liking it a lot. Rawr!
  7. ytsejam

    Official "420" thread

    Loaded up on my favorite strain! Haven't seen it in 3 years. Cresco lime skunk! I got a cartridge and some live budder. Rawr!
  8. ytsejam

    CCS Weather Thread (Summer Storms)

    Sleepy Joe better get his sharpie ready!
  9. ytsejam

    Illini Football

    Safety? I missed it. What happened?
  10. ytsejam

    CCS Weather Thread (Summer Storms)

    Hurricane coming!
  11. ytsejam

    CCS Weather Thread (Summer Storms)

    Pretty stormy tonight.
  12. ytsejam

    RIP Jimmy Hayes

    Shitty news.
  13. ytsejam

    Any audiophiles here?

  14. ytsejam

    Any audiophiles here?

    I waited for my Crutchfield points and got my stands on "scratch and dent" deal again. Speakers are now bolted down on sweet stands. I have lots of work to do to setup proper listening setup but it's pretty goddamn awesome how it's setup in "ok for now" setup. Raaawwwrrr! Maggie Raptor smoking...
  15. ytsejam

    Bird thread

    Heard an owl hooting around my place the last couple nights. Saw a bunch of wild turkeys on my way to work.
  16. ytsejam

    RIP Tony Esposito

    Damn that sucks!
  17. ytsejam

    Any audiophiles here?

    My car has the "premium" factory stereo. Premium or not, most factory car stereos are shit. I don't really give much of a shit about how good music sounds in this car. I've put decent Infinity mid grade systems into my cars before but now I'd rather listen to the engine and the turbo when I...
  18. ytsejam

    Confess your sins

    When I was a kid we had an old walking bridge that went over a whole bunch of railroad tracks and the over part of a warehouse that about a quarter mile long or so. When I was 12 or so I would take the bridge to my friend's house and vice versa. One day there were 2 guys working on a train...
  19. ytsejam

    Any audiophiles here?

    I don't have the stands yet and have the Duos set too high up on a countertop (for now) but HOLY SHIT! I've barely had any listening time in and low to low mid volume level so far but the imaging is fan fucking tastic!!! The speakers disappear and sound comes from everywhere. Vocals sound...
  20. ytsejam

    Any audiophiles here?

    UPS guy showed up yesterday right before I left for work. Crutchfield scratch and dent is legit! The outer cardboard box and the inner speaker box were a little banged up on the corners. But once into the inner box, no damage to styrofoam surrounds and the speakers are immaculate. Raaawwwrrr...