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  1. Da Coach

    Time to trade for Watson?

    We have a lot of picks left, and Houston is rebuilding. Foles plus the rest of the draft could do it? He doesn't need to start anytime soon...
  2. Da Coach

    Convince me RQ wasn't a home run

    Seriously. Loved him in the draft and Pace literally had him drop in his lap. Guy s a tackling machine and Pace best early pick in his career
  3. Da Coach

    BREAKING : Turdbuscuit officially downgraded to shitbag

    Soon to become bedpan eligible. You heard it here first
  4. Da Coach

    So how many times are we going to run run pass?

    It's the same week after week. If I can see it coming from my seat, it's got to be the most predictable offense in the nfl Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Da Coach

    Your job is on the line and what do you do on national TV?

    Commit penalty after penalty... It's week 15 for God's sake. This is pre season football.
  6. Da Coach

    Is the D partially at fault for the terrible offense?

    I mean seriously...I can imagine our offense running it up and down the field on them all day long and then feeling good about themselves. Then they have to play a real D in a Real game and Trest is like WTF?! - these play worked in practice! Lol
  7. Da Coach

    Is this another Berrian situation?

    Him and Bobble Wade. I swear to god Lovie let him fumble way to many kickoffs. Weems is fucking awful. How long is it gonna take for this staff to realize it?
  8. Da Coach

    Jordan Palmer on NFL Radio this morning

    Anyone else catch it? He was talking about coaching up Blake Bortles for his pro day. Sounds like he may have aspirations to coach someday. I have to say is absolutely clear to me why he is our #2 right now. Sharp as a tack and a deep thinker and analyzer. Trestman guy to the bone. Both...
  9. Da Coach

    This sounds pretty good

    Bushrod-Long Carimi-Hardrick
  10. Da Coach

    OC Candidates for next year...?

    For whatever reason, there never seems to be anyone good available when we really need someone to come in and take control of this offense...i don't really like the idea of Bates. Jason Garrett would be my pick, but the cow girls need to miss the playoffs for him to be available. Any other ideas?