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    2018 NBA Finals Thread GSW 4 - CLE zip null zilch

    If we try going after Thompson, I would hope what just happened was a sprain. It looked bad.
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    Bulls Summer League

    A little early for this thread but we just released the roster. This is also where I will be posting all things Bulls summer league while keeping all other summer league action on other thread. Very nice roster and a...
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    Summer League Thread

    Making this thread for those like me who likes paying attention to how these draft picks look in Summer League action. Normally I try to watch all the action but with World cup action I'm doing the back and forth. Game 1 today (didn't watch) Brooklyn 101 Indiana 81 Last years pick Plumlee...
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    Let the BG talk BEGIN.

    That's right, I couldn't help myself
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    Rose and Rondo

    With all the trade talk about Rondo costing 2 unprotected 1st rounders, If Rose was able to improve his shot in the off-season and with currently two mid-late 1st rounders, could those two co-exist? I personally can't stand Rondo but I was thinking it would be interesting if Rose improved his...