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    Gerald Wallace is a freak of nature
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    Bulls vrs Magic

    Where is Tyrus? Am I crazy or did Tyrus just have a huge game and then gets benched? What kind of message is Vinny sending besides, "I'm an idiot"?
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    Michael Jordan gets dissed by ...Chamillionaire ?

    Not sure if it's a major story or not, but the fact that the viral came after all the heat MJ is getting from his HOF speech sort of makes it a story. And truthfully Chamillionaire comes off as seeming genuine, who knew? [video type=youtube]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
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    LeBron James responds to Steroids in basketball...

    James is a great player, but I will have serious doubts until the NBA implements league wide Steroid testing. Too much money involved not to have some players cheating.
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    OT: Need some Fantasy Football Advice

    My Draft is tonight so it's crunch time. First off, which name do you think is best? *disclaimer* Some of these may be deemed offensive, which makes them funny. 'Favre's Waffle House' 'Plax shot his load too early' 'Hide the Beagle, Vicks an Eagle' 'McNair's Shotgun Draw' 'Mel Kiper's...
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    Smith predicts Rose to make All Star team

    He'd be the first Bull in quite a while.. I know Sam is employed by the Bulls but I trust that he is speaking the truth.
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    OT: Lawyer: Erin Andrews to sue over nude video

    Couldn't they just have waited till she was broke and HAD to do playboy like so many of our favorite 80's pop singers?
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    OT: Vince is going to Orlando

    Is the Michael Jordan of Turkey a possible upgrade to Gordon?
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    Brandon Jennings calls out Rubio as overhyped

    Stay classy Brandon
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    More Lottery Stuff: TrueHoop on Rubio

    Rickey Rubio, Doin' Work
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    Derrick Rose to compete in 2010 World Championship

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    OT: Bulls NickNames

    Special Thanks to ByTheHorns I've also heard Tyrus referred to as "T-Squared". Hinrich has been called "Hiney". I'd like to add: A-Gray - "The Big-Slow" John Salmons - "Blade" & "The DayWalker"(because we all know he really is Wesley snipes hiding from the feds for tax evasion)
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    Ron-Ron was telling the truth this time

    []Ron Artest[/url] is still crazy, but does not exaggerate.
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    BullsByTheHorns on the Gordon/Hinrich debate
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    TrueHoop's take on the Miller-Face-Whack