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  1. Starion

    Fair trade?

    No response since I offered. Basically offering consistency vs risk. Also offered James White, NE RB instead of Higbee for the same. Both favor Anytime, who could use RB depth too. Maybe he'll take interest if Higbee goes off on our Bears. Hope not tho. It's just FF.
  2. Starion

    2021 Rosterbation Thread

    Post your Drafted roster here to brag or cry about how it went down. Get your rocks off or get roasted. Whatever twirls your beanie...
  3. Starion

    2021 CCS Fantasy Keeper League

    Knoxville7 is willing to play and host a Yahoo KEEPER league. Please post if interested. Likely a modest $25 to make it interesting. Post & vote above if you're cool with that or if only play for pride. 10-12 teams tops. This will repeat next year and on. *Please don't join if you're a...
  4. Starion

    CHI DST fantasy relevance

    While I'm more optimistic about Bears' DEF this year with Pagano gone, Goldman back (he will be post Covid prec), and general camp hype, I'm more excited they seem to usually go undrafted in mocks, so I can draft with my last pick. As a home & realist, they seem in the 13-16 rankings, although...
  5. Starion

    Thoughts on David Montgomery this year?

    D Monty is being raved upon by his running trainer, other coaches & players, and several Bears sources. He's got a monster chip on his shoulder (some say "boulder"). I feel like having 2 tackles better than shitty Leno/Massie will be a game changer. Also, the eventual Fields factor...hell...
  6. Starion

    D. Monty's FF Draft AVP vs. value?? (poll)

    I was high on DM, assuming he picks things up even more this year with 2 decent Ts joining the line, and hoping Nagy's eyes were opened by his late push last year. I also expect more total offense, snaps, and opportunities & passes to RBs with the addition of Fields in time. Hell, even Dalton...
  7. Starion

    SI Article: 10 Reasons why R. Wilson trade still in play

    Putting Together Bears Puzzle Pieces on Russell Wilson Situation Addresses why they kept Hicks (as trade bait) > Fuller. Also several SEA needs & positions.
  8. Starion

    Trade down from #20?

    Assuming no trade up for top flight QB, and no a top tier WR/CB drop at #20, how about moving down to gain an additional 2nd or 3rd, depending on how far down? (I'm not keen on exact trade equality.) Let's assume down to later in the 1st. Post below who might be a good trade partner &...
  9. Starion

    Reasonable & comprehensive article on all QB options available. SI
  10. Starion

    Q: Can a player request to speak postgame?

    Obviously Nagy won't say ANYTHING BAD about any player, EVER, but... Could Anthony Miller or Miles Garrett , etc. opt to put themselves on the podium to call out the BS a bully player is trying to pull on the field? Obviously nobody likes a snitch, but a CAREER instigator like CJ...
  11. Starion

    FWIW - GB over the cap for 2021

    While browsing for tie-breaker info on their potential #1 seed lockup (& resting of starters vs. Bears), I was surprised to see them in a cap pickle. Packers 2021 cap situation Not sure how much of this actually hurts GB (takes away talent) vs. just the effect of a decreased overall revenue...
  12. Starion

    Trey Burton

    Just dropped a huge 3rd down catch for Indy. How's he doing otherwise? I haven't paid attention TBH. Same with Shaheen in MIA. Best wishes to those guys but good riddance.
  13. Starion

    Club Dub after HOU win??

    Not seeing this anywhere. Did Nagy go all "BOOM" after a 6 game losing skid and losing record overall? I wonder how D Monty feels after getting benched w/ only 10 carries following his 80y TD?
  14. Starion

    Mock Offseason Scenario - WCG

    2021 Bears mock offseason: The "rebuild" scenario Interesting guesses at new FO & coaching hires, pretty aggressive trades of some key players, affordable FA ideas, and mock draft with a go-get-em move for a QB. Because 2020 sucks, discuss...
  15. Starion

    OL Woes Article Obv. more than just Leno.
  16. Starion

    Hoge Puts Refs in Check

    Hoge: Defense matters, so why won’t the NFL let the Bears play? Pretty well said IMHO.
  17. Starion

    WCG - Was Hope for an Average Offense Just Foles Gold?

    Read here: Game Notes: Was hope for an average offense just Foles gold? Offense, Defense, ST, etc. Pulls no punches at Nagy & Bears org. Can't say I disagree with much. 🤷‍♂️
  18. Starion

    Long taking it to Nagy - Ted Larson jumps in

    Good job Kyle. Somebody needs to hold them accountable. Bears HC Matt Nagy Mocked By His Former Players After Loss
  19. Starion

    Should FF have IR or Covid spots??

    A little late, but argument has come up in my 12 team (3 keeper) $$ league. Most want to have 1-2 IR spots and/or a Covid spot of some/any sort. Currently there are NONE, and only 5 Bench spots with 3 WRs active. Seems a bit limited to me, and all research I'm finding alludes to 1-2 IR spots...