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  1. truthbedamned

    Florida Condo Collapse

    Read an article where some professor had done a study in 1990 that showed the building was sinking at a rate of 2mm per year. Wonder if a sinkhole opened up. Pray they find some survivors in the rubble...
  2. truthbedamned

    Vegetable gardening

  3. truthbedamned

    Celebrity members on CCS

    So....who do you believe is a celebrity yet is a member here? Mine is Danny Parkins. Just to much shit comes out of his mouth where I think....I just read that on the Bears board.
  4. truthbedamned

    Practice squad losses
  5. truthbedamned

    Identity Theft

    Anyone else had an issue with this? I have had to cancel my debit and cc cards at least 4 times in the last 2 years. It got so bad that there is a block on any new CC being approved by the credit bureaus without calling me first. Someone has tried to open at least 20 CC's in my name in the...
  6. truthbedamned

    OT: Cam signs with Pats
  7. truthbedamned

    Economic Status

    Wife and I were talking about the economy today and were amazed to find out that 4 out of 5 workers today live paycheck to paycheck. Because my wife is very good with money we have always had a 6 month cash reserve. How about you? I made the poll so your names can not be seen.
  8. truthbedamned


    Now that the Coronavirus can be detected in tests within 15 minutes why can't MLB start playing games without crowds? Each team and umps along with camera operators could be tested one hour before gametime and then if all is good the game could be played. Sure would make this lockdown more...
  9. truthbedamned

    Self Medication

    Curious how many folks have found themselves enjoying a couple extra drinks or an extra edible or joint since this mess started. I have a hard and fast rule. I never ever under any circumstances imbibe in anything until 5PM. This includes weekends as well. Only time I break that rule is in...
  10. truthbedamned

    OT Patricia worst person he has ever met

    Wow....Slay and others ripping on Patricia. With Matt Patricia under scrutiny after Darius Slay told...
  11. truthbedamned

    Floyd to ILB

    Was listening to WSCR yesterday in the car and Hub and Anthony Herron were discussing the linebacker situation and came up with an interesting idea. Herron stated that Leonard Floyd played ILB at Georgia and he is basically playing out of position. The claim by both Herron and Hub was that...
  12. truthbedamned

    WTH is going on

    I have 2 different PC's using Chrome and I am seeing two totally different CCS thread pages. I will click on a link that was supposedly posted 30 minutes ago and it takes me to a post left yesterday and that is the last one in the thread. I know I am old and challenged but is anyone else...
  13. truthbedamned

    Fast food burgers

    I am only including major chains. If I missed one it can be added I believe Didn't include mom and pop hamburger joints or sit down only. Just think it is 11 PM and you just left the local bar and you have a case of the munchies. What drive through hamburger joint do you head for? For me...
  14. truthbedamned

    Creeped out. Internet tech question

    Yesterday I was having a conversation with my daughter about a possible job that I might be doing at a resort named Paradise Point in San Diego. I googled it on my phone and showed her a picture of what the place looked like. This morning I get a text from her with a facebook ad she had on her...
  15. truthbedamned


    Anyone heard from @number51 ? He hasn't posted in a few weeks which is not like him. Hope all is ok.
  16. truthbedamned

    Tight Ends

    So who is playing TE this week? Braunecker and Shehan inactive and Burton on IR Cmon on down practice squad.
  17. truthbedamned

    Eddie Pineiro

    Has ice in his veins. Weren't some here trashing him?????? Nah....anybody that knows anything about kicking understands we have a stud kicker. Those that don't believe that don't know a fucking thing about kicking.
  18. truthbedamned

    Official "420" thread

    Since pot is legal now in many states I thought it would be a good idea to have an "Official" pot thread so growers and enthusiasts as well can share tips, stories, and generally discuss the benefits of cannabis. It is now scientific fact that cannabis helps with nausea for chemo patients as...
  19. truthbedamned

    How much time do you spend on CCS when you are being paid to do a job by someone else?

    Just curious. I know before I retired I would stay logged on most of the day since I worked from home. But I am curious how many productive work hours are lost because of fucking around on CCS. And yes.......this includes work from home because your company is still paying you.
  20. truthbedamned

    Colin Herd on the passing of the torch

    Not bad but he does manage to take a couple of shots at Trubs.......big surprise.