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    That was/is absolutely stupid by Nagy. Some things you just don't say..
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    What's with all the anger?

    Don't be angry, it's just not worth it. . Don't support this organization by spending money on. As long as they making money nothing will change. This is McCaskey's business, and profit margins are most important. Winning comes distant last, no matter the empty words they spew.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Rams (The Late Night Whoop-De-Doo in Holly-Woo: Justin WHO? Edition)

    Can our safeties and cornerbacks tackle and stop somebody?
  4. B Bold Prediction for the Bears

    Considering everything, it's the first game, in LA . As long as DaBears wont embarrass the city I'm fine with whatever the outcome . ;)
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    Should Da Bears Trade Da RB?

    Trade RB for RT.
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    Your Prediction for the Season………if you dare.

    Is the racial slant necessary?
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    Looking into 2022..

    I'm hoping that we won't see Davis and "his" Brother_s next year. ;)
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    Your Prediction for the Season………if you dare.

    If everyone stays healthy 10-7, injuries at cornerback or offensive line 7-10. That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it. ;)
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    Looking into 2022..

    "Weirdly, even with that 2nd 11 game losing streak, now they are back to having the #9 pick in the draft." It is hard to win when starting pitchers allowing grand slams (sarcasm) in the first inning.
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    Looking into 2022..

    So far, I like the approach by most of those new players in the batter box. Glad to see not everyone is hitting for the fences, or home run or nothing approach. Schwindel is replacing Rizzo nicely.
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    This describes Pace to a 'T'
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    Titans dealing with covid

    Wonder how many Bears going to be infected? As injuries are not enough for this team.
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    Nagy's play calling might cost him his job. (SportsMockery)

    Do all of the people here are this immature? How old are you kids?
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    Bears sign a WR

    Future punt returner?
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    How Davies helps going forward?

    My point was to have some young kid take his place on the roster and learn here. As I understand now, there are no one that can do this now..
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    Mel Tucker Part Deux

    Boy. They are sloppy in all 3 phases. I understand the talent maybe marginal, but this is bad. Bad technique and effort..
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    How Davies helps going forward?

    It is time to let Davies go. Let some young kid take his spot and use it to advance his carrier going forward. I absolutely see no benefit to keep Davies in rotation. I'm I wrong? Thoughts?
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    Time to say goodbye to Jake

    Hey Padres! Davies is available... still..
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    Olin Kreutz on Leno/Graham

    Agree with Olin here. Pace should keep Leno around a least to the last round of cuts just find out how the rookies are performing. Specially knowing Jenkins had back problems before.
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    Looking into 2022..

    It look like we got a replacements for the first base and CF. It's only a small sample, but Ortega and Schwindel can hit and play some defense. Hopefully more step in..