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  1. Granada

    Nylander Re-signed

    Yay, I guess? This dude reminds me too much of Stalberg (who retired recently by the way) in the short time he's been a Hawk and when he hasn't been hurt. At least he's cheap at 1 year and 848,000 -- pretty much a last chance, prove yourself contract by Stanny-boy. Guess he doesn't want to admit...
  2. Granada

    Zadorov Traded to Calgary

  3. Granada

    Foley to Retire After Next Year

    I know some will be happy about this. Personally, I've always loved Foley -- yeah, he wasn't as sharp in his later years, but he's a Chicago legend and I grew up with the guy, so it's sad for me but not surprising. Let's just hope the team does a better job at finding a replacement than they did...
  4. Granada

    Shaw Retired

    Yet another Hawk from the cup era retires. Sad but can't say I'm surprised. I loved Shaw his first go-around here, didn't like the move to bring him back by Stan specifically for this reason, but I digress. Great career overall.
  5. Granada

    Toews Out Too, WTF?
  6. Granada

    Crow's New Jersey Mask

    Pretty solid if you ask me.
  7. Granada

    Blackhawks' New Alternate Jersey

    Me likey:
  8. Granada

    Hawks Home Games Will Now Have Special Announcement

    I think this is a fantastic move. The Blackhawks really go above and beyond to honor Native American history and heritage; their name and their logo is and always has been a symbol of reverence -- this is what separates them from other clubs...
  9. Granada

    Strome and Kubalik Issued QO's Kind of sounds like Caggs and KoKo are gone. I would have liked Caggs back in the bottom six for his physicality, but not the end of the world if he goes. KoKo I won't really miss either...
  10. Granada

    Sikura for Pirri...Bowman at his Best

    Fucking lol...
  11. Granada

    The Crawford Dilemma: Sign or Walk Away?

    Just curious who wants Crow back or not. I wouldn't be surprised if he wants at least 3 million -- which isn't bad, but do you trust Crawford (at this age and with his injury history) to be able to play a full season(s) for the duration of his contract (however long it may be)? Anyway, in the...
  12. Granada

    Tallon Out of Florida

    Surprised I missed this: Tallon leaves as general manager of Panthers after 10 seasons
  13. Granada

    Kubalik is a Calder Finalist With Cale Makar and Quinn Hughes. Who do you consider the front runner?
  14. Granada

    Versteeg Retires Weird how certain players can be so solid, yet completely fall off a cliff in terms of ability. I don't mean to pee on the guy's grave, but Versteeg was one of those players, at least in my view -- came out like gang busters early in...
  15. Granada

    3/11 IGT: Sharks at Blackhawks

    Didn't see a game thread so thought I'd get one rolling. Hawks are now 8 points out of a playoff spot and now have to leapfrog 5 teams ahead of them to get the last wild card. In other words, so long 2020.
  16. Granada

    Ex-Hawk Barnaby

    Whoever would have guessed, lol
  17. Granada

    Avs at Hawks

    Don't look now, but with LA's win last night, the Hawks are officially last in the West. This will be the second home and home with the Avs this year; the first of which the Avs destroyed us in both games. Got Winnipeg in between, which will be the second of a back-to-back to boot. At this...
  18. Granada

    De Haan Re-Injures Shoulder

    So Stan's fantastic "top-4" d-man acquisition -- who was damaged goods before he was acquired -- re-injured the same shoulder he had surgery on this off-season. In other words, he's probably out for the entire year now. If you had any hope for this year, I'd argue it pretty much went out the...
  19. Granada

    Blues at Hawks 12/2 Lehner out with flu-like symptoms. Just what we need -- another regular out. This one could get ugly. Blues are on a 3 game winning streak.
  20. Granada

    Marian Hossa Hall of Fame Eligible this year

    So it's Hossa's first year of eligibility for the Hockey Hall of Fame -- this should be an utter no-brainer. I will be furious if he isn't inducted. Jeremy Roenick is up for the ninth time -- like I've said before, I loved JR as a player (he's the reason I became a hockey fan). I'd love to see...