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    How many weeks will Nagy carry on this Dalton charade?

    He'll put him in for some trick play and lose him for the year with an injury
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    Cuts are done and bears at 53. Adams and Horsted make the team.

    2-7-2 defence will make 46 D look like trash , lol
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    Sad News....Steve McMichael has ALS

    Your an idiot
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    Gipson re-signs with Bears

    Why , he sucks ,only thing he's good at is running away from the ball carrier ,avoids contact more than Jackson , JUST PAY ATTENTION TO HIS GAME BEFORE YOU ALL START PRAISING THIS SIGNING, MY GOD DID YOU GUYS NOT WATCH ANY GAMES LAST YEAR!!!
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    Kyle Fuller...HE GONE(UPDATE:Now a Bronco)

    Fuck you Pace ,what a crappy week
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    Dalton signed

    WTF, WHY?
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    Around the NFL - Free Agency Period

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    Nick Young chimes in on the QB situation

    Jeff George hahahahaha
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    Wiederer with an Update

    True ,and very sad
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    The 20th pick?

    Yeah ,if your a competent G.M.
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    Eddie Jackson

    I wish he'd put as much effort into trying to tackle or hit somebody as he does into running full blast to the end zone to celebrate a turnover and pose!!!What a piece of crap!!!!
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    It's like he's scared to tackle anyone,we used to have mofo's playing that position,he's a disgrace
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    Eddie Jackson

    He's terrible and getting worse each game
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    2021 NFL salary cap could be as high as $195M

    Sign Leno to an extension!!!!
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    Are Nagy's scathing comments about the D proof they gave up?

    YES him and Quinn are f'n terrible ,jogging around and avoiding tackling anyone,brutal
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    wow the bears defense elite? lol

    There's maybe 5 good players on this team ,a few that are ok, and the rest are trash.Also can someone please explain wtf Eddie Jackson is doing out there?
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    It’s the personnel

    Why is the talent so bad ..falls on Pace and Nagy ,. I'll just give one example ,as there are too many ,for having only Coward as a back up and continually starting him
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    Sooooo, nobody mentioned how JG called Fooles a bitch???

    And who's to blame for him being here guys