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  1. Bear_Assed

    Your boy Leno doing his thing last night…

    For all of you thinking we should have kept Leno at $11 million this year (even tho he could only get $4 mil from any of the other 31 teams), I feel it’s safe to say he’s still avg at best and nowhere near worth $11 mil. Dumb contract by Pace. Had to be cut.
  2. Bear_Assed

    Rick Wagner

    This guy is pretty good. Never throws out dumb rumors. But who knows…
  3. Bear_Assed

    Bears turned down Foles trades

    Today at bears practice, Foles said if he gets traded, he wants to be traded to a team he is comfortable with. Said he turned down opportunities to be dealt elsewhere earlier this offseason. Said he's a better player than he was when he went to the #SuperBowl and wants to go to a good fit, if...
  4. Bear_Assed

    WTF is going on with Goldman?

    Nagy confirmed he was an unexcused absence at today's mandatory mini camp, but would not specify the reason. Dude gets paid, then sits out a season for COVID (understandable). You would think he would be at every practice, optional or mandatory this year to get back in with his team and coaches...
  5. Bear_Assed

    NFL Trends

    It’s crazy to think how often things change in the NFL. Look no further than the 2005 draft. In the first 5 picks, three running backs were taken. In 2021 only 2 RBs were picked in the entire first round. And if the Jags had any resemblance of an actual NFL team, only 1 RB would have been taken...
  6. Bear_Assed

    Hey Rookie 2021

    For those looking for more Justin Fields content, he is one of the main players that is spotlighted on ESPN's Hey Rookie Welcome to the NFL 2021 show. The first episode ended with Fields, Kyle Pitts and a few other guys at Mortons Steakhouse, and Fields doesn't eat because he's vegan and they...
  7. Bear_Assed

    Simms: Bears never made offer for Wilson

    Chris Simms Claims Bears Pursuit Of Russell Wilson Was Faked Video in link[URL]
  8. Bear_Assed

    Wilson dream over. Time to cut Graham

    This pretty much solidifies he's no longer looking for a trade. Cant think of any other reason to keep Graham on this roster.
  9. Bear_Assed

    A Rob signs tag

  10. Bear_Assed

    Fuller released

  11. Bear_Assed

    Has anyone watched Knightfall?

    Anyone watch Knightfall on Netflix? Pretty sure Jake Arrieta and Landry are one in the same
  12. Bear_Assed

    Bears were NEVER in on Wentz

  13. Bear_Assed

    Texans President resigns

    Shows you they are not trading Watson People are going to say Texans are a mess, but at least the’re starting to do something about it. Bears are a joke and yet nothing has changed.
  14. Bear_Assed

    Typical Bears

    I love how they knew within days of the end of their last game they were needing a new DC whereas other teams were still trying to hire a new head coach. Now Bears are STILL interviewing for a DC and other teams have not only hired their head coaches, but are starting to hire their...
  15. Bear_Assed

    L. Floyd? Logical explanations only

    Why the fuck is he killing it on the Rams but was never able to play anywhere near this level when he was with the Bears? Logical explanations only please.
  16. Bear_Assed

    Kittle “F’in Loves the Bears”

    Wait till the end
  17. Bear_Assed

    Anyone watching the Chargers game - Extend Santos

    last week Bailey's 5 misses costs the Vikings a win, and Chargers' Badgley had two chances to win tonight, missing both. Santos has been the Bears' best kicker since Gould. In fact, compared to Gould's first year, Santos is so far, better. As crazy as it sounds, Santos needs to be a top...
  18. Bear_Assed

    Worst Bears FA Signing Ever?

    Brad Biggs was on the score this morning and said the Quinn $30 Mil guaranteed is the worst free agent signing for the Bears since he started covering the team I honestly can’t think of any other signing with similar or more money and less productivity. I think Biggs may be right