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    So Zach and Coby are all that is left from the Gar/Pax era

    That didn't take long. They had a history of over paying for free agents, poor drafts and no creativity. All in with AK, lets see where the next 4-5 years takes us
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    I am all in on rebuild

    Would have liked to have kept Rizzo for leadership but production was diminishing and inconsistent. Jed got a good offer he couldn't pass up. Will root for Rizzo where ever he ends up. Loved Bryant but His agent would never allow him to sign a somewhat club friendly extension plus there was...
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    What are you looking for from the Bulls this summer

    Coby and PWill dedicate themselves to Fundementals, Ball Handling, Nutrition and the Weight Room Be nice if they could could lock up Levine long terms - only way you trade is for another All Star. Re-sign Daniel Theis Shed bad contracts - overpriced FAs from the GarPax days. Add a true PG...
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    Marko Simonovic

    2nd round pick last year playing in Europe. Could he replace Lauri's spot next year. Looks like he shoots well. Has more natural on and off the ball skills. More fluid athlete. More aggressive. Not as physically mature yet. Doesn't have the years in the NBA yet Does anyone have any info...
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    How about Markannen/Carter Jr for Ball and Jaxon Hayes or Stephen Adams

    Gets you a point guard and an athletically active shot blocking big guy or a physically tough big guy. Maybe some 2nd round picks or others to make it work. Just throwing it out there
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    Trades need to happen

    I am encouraged by the front changes and the coaching of Billy Donovan but this team has issues. Defense has not been good,, we do not have any type of enforcer in the middle and no lock down guy on the perimeter. We score a lot of points but give up a lot as well. Scoring is inconsistent and...
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    Roster Question

    Are there any no trade guys on the roster? Maybe White, Carter, Gafford - just because they are young and appear to have a high ceiling?
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    Clean House - All must go

    I've followed the Bulls going back to the days of Jerry Sloan, Bob Boozer, Bob Love, Tom Boerwinkle, Norm Van Lier, Chet Walker etc... I don't know if I have seen this level of lack of preparation, leadership, professionalism. I would say outside of a few individuals, the Bulls are...