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    How I'm going to spend the lockout

    I was thinking about the lockout and how the heck I'll get my basketball fix if it's not resolved by the end of November. Thank God the Bulls drafted Mirotic. He's a key player (some argue possibly the best player) on Real Madrid. He's not going to be affected by the lockout. So I'm thinking of...
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    Bulls could get all of Lebron, Bosh and Wade?

    I've been thinking about ways to get the "Miami superteam" of Lebron, Bosh and Wade in Chicago. And I think there might be a way. The trick is to use the salary cap as your friend. As it stands, the Bulls have the cap room to offer two of those players just slightly less than max deals. Well...
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    College basketball players not "amateurs" anymore?

    Doug's been preaching this for years, now someone's actually trying to do something about it. Doug, I'd like your take. Might be worth a Chicago Now post at some point too, or maybe a quick mention in a podcast. Me, I think there...
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    Torrents for Bulls games

    I happen not to be in the USA, and as such have a very hard time watching Bulls games live. (They come on at like 5:00 a.m. here in India.) There must be lots of other people who for whagtever reason can neither catch the broadcasts on TV nor watch streaming live on the internet. Help! We need...
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    Predict the storylines of the 2009-2010 season

    How about we each make a month-by-month prediction of what thew big Bulls storylines will be next season. October: Will Luol Deng be completely healthy by the start of the season? November: The Bulls go 1-6 on the circus trip. December: When the Bucks come to town we have a great Derrick Rose...
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    OT: The funniest thing I read all week

    Here's a sports related list we'll all get a laugh out of. The 10 Most Inappropriate Names in Sports History:
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    How did this series affect your life?

    I seriously had trouble sleeping this past week. I live in China so I woke up at 8:00 a.m. to watch the games on the net. (Hats off to the guys who posted links!) I founf that I had trouble sleeping before these games, I'd go to bed thinking about the game and agonizing about whether Allen and...
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    Greatest 1st round series ever?

    I know the Bulls just lost a heartbreaker and we're all devastated. But for perspctive, This Bulls-Celtics series has been just amazing! I mean, you've had - 4 overtimes in the first 5 games - the emergence of two young star point guards, including one of the greatest playoff debuts ever by...