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    Slot option

    You got jokes...
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    Sam Mustipher

    You're stuck for now and just hope he rides it out. In his defense, he went up against two pretty good efforts from DTs weeks 1/2. If you have to because he's a bumslayer only/cant hang until the end of the season when everybody's hurt of the backups are in, don't move Whitehair, or move...
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    I will never understand if Dalton doesnt start next week if the decision isn't literally tied to his health alone and not other reasons as we have

    Wasn't the whole, super-long-for-no-reason-thread-title fad done like...early summer? Bone bruise =/= regular black/blue bruise. He tried to come back in the game and obviously something was wrong, so Fields finished the game and may start later this week. No need to overreact to the obvious.
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    Its his now 8th year in the league, and sadly the bears have gotten his best years. 29-31 YO is where a lot of guys drop off, but its easy to forget you're paying a guy for his production tomorrow based on what he's doing today. If he hits the market, right now (subject to change) he isn't...
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    Roquan Smith & Allen Robinson needs to be extended ASAP

    Don't you have to have draft picks so you can take players who can contribute ASAP? Can't wait to see what 2 picks in the first 4 rounds next year can do. Scintillating. Now, what does that have to do with extensions for Roquan Smith and Allen Robinson? Robinson may not get 18+ mil. Dalton...
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    Roquan Smith & Allen Robinson needs to be extended ASAP

    This has zero to do with Allen Robinson and Roquan Smith's extensions on an immediate basis/by next year. Great news for 2023 though if it balloons, I guess that's "winning now."
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    Roquan Smith & Allen Robinson needs to be extended ASAP

    LOL Pace is going to keep giving out void years and ass fucking the future cap because he can't help himself. I want ARob to stay but he and probably Daniels/Nichols/Hicks are goners after this year. Should pay Roquan right now, because after Warner/Leonard, going rate for top tier ILBs isn't...
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    Disappointing Win

    Shades of 2018/Lovie era. The defense carried the offense. Can the bears just once do what Green Bay/Erin Rodgers would have done if a bad opponent spots them 3 straight INTs and a fumble by hanging 40+ points on them/end it by halftime? Before I die? And that's when I learned I'm not...
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    '21 QB Class Watch Thread

    Who was the idiot this past winter/spring who said Zach Wilson was the best QB prospect he's ever seen? LOL @ msadows Funny how bad he is when defenders are trying to earhole him/DCs are trying to confuse him and he can't just chuck pretty passes in a gym without pads or defenders trying to...
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    OT: Colts 0-2

    Somebody do a wellness check on gatormike.
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    Hicks wants to be a Bear for the rest of his career

    The problem right now is--Allen Robinson and James Daniels take priority as guys whose contracts are up after this year. Have to make financial decisions on them after this year to keep or let go. Neither will be cheap, and we can thank our dumbass GM for ass fucking future cap space because...
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    It's OFFICIAL, We owe Mitch an apology . . .

    Mitch is gone. Andy Dalton is the same disappointing production who can sometimes see the guy open on the 2nd/3rd read Mitch never could, for lesser the price than MT's 5th year option. Let it go, fanboys.
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    I didn't want to admit this, but Kahlil Mack is pretty ordinary at this point.

    His days of breaking a game at will seem done. Still think he can be effective/eat QBs when the personnel (mainly EG) is right. When Quinn/Blackson/Nichols get the 1 on 1 that Hicks/Mack don't--they can't get the job done. However, also have to question motive at times, because he does...
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    What happens when they lose to the Bengals?

    Dicks will rip
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    Charles Leno just got Fitzmagic Injured..

    People wanted to keep him because to a shrewd fan who wants to win/wants the best outcome, the devil you know is more comfortable than the one you don't. Especially when news of Jenkins/1st round talent you traded up for in the early 2nd needing surgery hit. A lot of idiots on this site...
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    Charles Leno just got Fitzmagic Injured..

    Only idiots. Idiots think otherwise. Or in msadows case, Wilson is the best ever he's ever seen.
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    Jason Heyward won't be going anywhere.

    There's an entire Covid thread in the B&I forum. Take this shit over there...
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    Not looking good for Goldman

    They signed 2 to the PS, a 5 tech and a NT. I imagine we'll know when the injury report for week 1 gets released this afternoon. I also forgot Mario Edwards is suspended the 1st 2 games, meaning Hicks, Blackson, and Nichols are the only 5 techs on the roster presently.