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  1. Da Coach

    O/T: Mannings on MNF

    It was horrible. Almost ripped my dick off until my buddy figured out we could switch to ABC thank God
  2. Da Coach

    I didn't want to admit this, but Kahlil Mack is pretty ordinary at this point.

    He lost out on a bunch of sacks and turnovers last year because the rest of the jokers on our team were constantly getting flagged and negating impact plays. I was happy to see improvement there, but the D as a whole looked lost. Mack will be fine. Donald didn't do much that have either it's...
  3. Da Coach

    FO: Best Bets on 2021 Season

    I wonder who Ernie Accorsi thinks we should hire next?
  4. Da Coach

    Cuts are done and bears at 53. Adams and Horsted make the team.

    Yeah wtf he should make it in name alone but he also looked pretty good I thought
  5. Da Coach

    Hoge: 10 Reasons Justin Fields Is Ready Right Now

    Sorry maybe I should have used Green font.
  6. Da Coach

    Hoge: 10 Reasons Justin Fields Is Ready Right Now

    Neither Rodgers, Brady, or Mahomes started their first game as a drafted rookie. I see a clear pattern emerging here...
  7. Da Coach

    Bought my first Bears Jersey!

    #23 throwback dark blue and orange. I'll be wearing it to the packer game
  8. Da Coach

    Training camp 8/25 official tweets and news

    I just don't think fields gets in unless Dalton is completely ineffective - which there is a very high probability of. Could even happen after the first half. Just because Dalton starts the season really means nothing. They know fields is the better talent, but I'm not surprised they are gonna...
  9. Da Coach

    Training camp 8/25 official tweets and news

    I think throwing Dalton out there vs the rams D and Donald is wise. Fields will get his shot sooner than later, unless Dalton somehow has this team with a winning record after 3 weeks. In which case, no rush until he starts sucking then he gone
  10. Da Coach

    Fields "Special Package"

    Yeah I was thinking full on Brett favre dic pic
  11. Da Coach

    ***OFFICIAL*** 2021 BEARS TALEGATE Thread - Cooler Recommendations

    I have a yeti softside that is good, but rediculous over price and would not own it if I had not won it. I bought an Ozark Trail Yeti knockoff at Wal Mart and it's every bit as good as a yeti for like 1/3 the price. The key is the high impact plastic with foam core. It will keep ice for days
  12. Da Coach

    Ugh! Borom is OUT with a concussion

    He can laugh himself to tears and then wipe them away with all of his yellow hankees he had thrown at him. Then his coach can use them for crying towels
  13. Da Coach

    Second String RT Lachavious Simmons injured

    Well they're goes our super bowl hopes and dreams
  14. Da Coach

    OT: Watson is QB#4 in camp and is playing scout team safety

    I've literally been watching football for 35 years just to make liberals happy and now I'm ashamed
  15. Da Coach

    best comp for Fields is RGIII pre injury or a faster McNabb

    I was referring to thier ability to drop the deep ball in the bucket, pocket awareness and ability scramble if necessary. Had nothing to to with race
  16. Da Coach

    best comp for Fields is RGIII pre injury or a faster McNabb

    Russell Wilson only taller
  17. Da Coach

    Rodgers plans to Play

    This is total crap and every news outlet is going wild with this. Baktiari is close as anyone with Roger's hes saying he's hasn't said shit about coming back. I think it's a rouse to oust a source and get Aron in the headlines again today
  18. Da Coach

    Update on Team vaccination rates

    So your afraid of a vaccine that's maybe killed like 5 people, but the other tens of millions that's did just die of the actual virus in the last 12 is not a real threat? Sorry I never thought of myself as a numbers guy but this one kinda jumps out at me
  19. Da Coach

    Market price for Roquan smith extension?

    Ryan Pace is so goddamn lucky he fell in his lap he better not let him go but we have time to evaluate and injuries could always play a role...