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    Top 10 Centers

    Is Noah a top 10 center in the NBA? At first I thought no but upon further investigation... Boston - Perkins NY - Lee NJ - Lopez Philly - Dalembert Toronto - Bargnani Charlotte - Chandler Atlanta - Horford Miami - O'Neal Washington - Haywood Orlando - Howard Cleveland - Shaq Detroit - Brown...
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    Utah is looking to move Boozer to have cap room to bring Millsap back to go with Okur. Can we swing something where James' insured contract can be sent to Utah? We get Boozer for a year. If it works out great, if not you still have 2010 cap room. Rose, Salmons, Deng, Boozer, Noah is a very...
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    Tyrus trade idea

    Tyrus Thomas to Golden State for Kelenna Azubuike and Brandan Wright?
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    Ford Chat

    Today in the Houston Chronicle there was an article about Houston potentially targeting a trade for Chris Bosh. What is the likelihood of a Battier, Landry, Brian Cook trade for Bosh? Chad Ford I know Bosh would love to play in Texas again ... but I think the Raptors can get more for Bosh from...
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    Two trades

    Deng for Kaman Brad Miller for Stackhouse(cut to save capspace for Gordon), George, and Shawne Williams Keep Hinrich and Gordon. Rose, Hinrich Gordon Salmons, Johnson Noah, Tyrus Kaman Rest of roster: James(expiring) Tim Thomas(expiring) Nelson(just for roster depth) Gibson(4th big)...
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    Jersey Numbers

    Any ideas on jersey numbers for Johnson and Gibson? Gibson could keep his #22 he wore at USC. As for Johnson any ideas? #32 immediately came to mind but we have not had great luck with that one--Eddie Robinson and Larry Hughes? Please stay away from #2-Eddy Curry, Thabo Sefolosha...#15?, #8?, #5?,
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    Draft preferences

    For the first time in a long time I have not locked in on one player I want in the draft for the Bulls. As of this morning I am hoping that we get 1 of these 4 players: Henderson Williams Johnson Blair Other players that I could have interest in with 26 pick if we keep it are Casspi and...
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    Wizards Blog Not sure if anyone has posted this but it is an excellent read. A very in depth look at guards that fit well next to Arenas. He goes into guards all over the league and draft prospects. Through all of his analysis he...
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    Bulls and the #11 pick? This article mentions Minnesota and Chicago as two teams New Jersey has talked to the most about moving down and getting a player they like lower than 11. My question would be who is Chicago interested in moving up for...
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    Bulls Board

    Put this players in order of preference for the Bulls. Johnson Williams Mullens Clark Hansbrough I firmly believe one of these 5 players will be picked at 16. Just curious what order you think the Bulls have them on their board.
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    Not just another guy named Johnson A Sam Smith article on James Johnson. He really seems to like him. There are so many places he could go before us that I really wonder if we will even have the chance to get him.
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    Could Detroit ruin our offseason?

    Could a series of Pistons moves' this offseason ruin some of the Bulls plans? Trade Rip, use the #15 pick on Mullens and trade it along with Amir Johnson to clear some capspace in order to sign Gordon and Boozer as a duo. Which then means we don't get Mullens, assuming it is true we want him at...
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    Hinrich, #16 pick for Landry, Cook, Lowry, Barry Houston gets a bigger PG/SG who can defend both backcourt positions and form a nice duo with Brooks. Those two can actually play together and it suits them with Brooks being a smaller shoot first point guard. Hinrich fits that tough defensive...
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    Blair Nice interview with Blair as well as a link to Sam Smith discussing Blair. I firmly believe that IF Blair is available at 16 that he is our choice. I am really doubtful about him being there with Milwaukee at 10, New Jersey 11, Bobcats at 12 and...
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    James Johnson

    Is Johnson a true 4 or is he a combo forward capable of playing both positions?
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    Okafor or Kaman?

    Given both of these options which would you rather take? We know Kaman is most likely going to be available and I really think that if Bob Johnson can't sell the Bobcats then Okafor may be able to be had for cheap.
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    Sam Smith article Lots of stuff at the link. Mentioned some guys there today. Taj Gibson apparently is there today. Am I wrong or is this the second time he has been? He says with so much uncertainty around Gordon that Hinrich might not be moved on draft day which...
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    Keeping Gordon?

    " donnie nelson in mark cuban, tx: its obvious we desperately need a 2 guard, and with chicago and orl needing cap to bring back bg, turk, gortat, can I flip stacks instant exp for salmons or pietrius? Bill Ingram: Interesting idea . . .Pietrus is highly valued in Orlando, but Hedo's been quite...
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    McGraw addresses a "tall" issue McGraw addresses how both Lakers and Magic have "tall" lineups and how to compete in the Finals you can get away with one smaller guard playing at one time but not two. He wonders if Bulls would be better with Salmons at starting 2 guard with Gordon...
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    Thorpe chat

    Thorpe in his chat today was asked about the rumor of Hinrich and #26 to Minny for #6. He said it was a good deal for both teams. Later he was asked what he thought Bulls would want with the #6. He said probably a SG. Now if Hinrich is traded and we draft SG at #6, does that mean Gordon is gone...