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  1. Anytime23

    Release the #CLUBDUB video, you cowards!

    People are getting upset about words on a helmet. What we need to be upset about is the fact that Club Dub happened and we have yet to get video of the best dancer in the world, Justin Fields, tearing up the dance floor after a big time W. It's bad enough we were denied Justin Fields on the...
  2. Anytime23

    Larry "The GEM" Borom ---->IR

  3. Anytime23

    Ryan Pace= a piece of wet monkey sh*t with a good haircut

    When are the Pacesexuals aka terrible Bears fans aka trolls going to finally admit that this dude is as useless as tits on a nun? Its only one week but its one week in year seven and this team has massive holes. Anyone who thinks this can be fixed in one off-season is delusional. Weird that...
  4. Anytime23

    5 NFL Executives Rank NFC Teams
  5. Anytime23

    Bears have the oldest roster in the NFL
  6. Anytime23

    Fields will run the scout team offense

    Typically a job for the #3 QB but Fields is officially the #2. Well at least he can help the defense try and get better instead of getting time to throw the ball to Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney. Cool cool...
  7. Anytime23

    Smart Person: Yup. He's ready.

    Lets go.
  8. Anytime23

    Penei Sewell

    I know its only pre-season but YIKES! Imagine passing up da gawd Justin Fields for this gigantic sack of turds.
  9. Anytime23

    Where is Jaylon Johnson?

    Not at practice. No mention of an injury or an excused absence. Is he retiring?
  10. Anytime23

    ***OFFICIAL***Justin Fields Content Thread

    I don't want to start a thread every single time i find a video or stat I want to share so I'm going to keep adding things here. Feel free to contribute. To start it off, Justin Fields fanboy Louis Riddick was on the Rich Eisen show to talk about JF. Both guys think he should start week 1. He...
  11. Anytime23

    Anthony Miller is toast

    Carted off. Looks like another shoulder injury.
  12. Anytime23

    RIP Tony Esposito

  13. Anytime23

    OT: Lamar Jackson media darling?

    I was talking to my friend who is a Ravens fan, he mentioned how Lamar Jackson has now had Covid twice and has been real secretive about getting vaccinated. I had no clue he got it a second time. I noticed that I've only seen mild criticisms of Jackson despite his unwillingness to get...
  14. Anytime23

    Mitch Crybabisky :*(

    Mitch at times would sneak in ways to shift blame to play-calling, receivers not being open and the OL not blocking. The 4th tweet here is more of the same. "The resources here". I guess this dude never saw where his footballs landed. Dude was shit. Still is. Id love to see someone bury him in...
  15. Anytime23

    Bears rank 7th most valuable NFL team
  16. Anytime23

    Training Camp - July 31

    “back tightness”
  17. Anytime23

    '21 QB Class Watch Thread

    What's the word on these guys in their TCs? I saw some tweets about how Mac Jones has looked good and today saw that Zack Wilson's first throw on 7 on 7s was great but then he was a disaster. Lets stay up to date with the QBs we'll argue about for years to come.