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    Should the White Sox turn to Craig Kimbrel as closer?

    No, they should send him back to the Cubs for a refund....I'd frankly rather have Codi Heuer back than this choke artist.
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    Shhhh...nobody post

    If that one trick pony is brought back for the playoffs, it goes to show how this opportunity.fod the Sox is being squandered by Jerry's ridiculous hire.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** What are you watching right now?

    Finished the Netflix series on 9/11 and the subsequent war on terror. Parts are a difficult watch, that abruptly brought back more of the emotion from that week than I was prepared for. A lot of footage I hadn't ever seen, and interviews with people who are alive mostly by miracle. As the...
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    Chicago Blackhawks aquire Seth Jones

    Guy was ranked 40th by central scouting; that's his high mark....mostly ranked in the 60-80 range....way to go Stan. On the spot research was done by @galaxytrash BTW
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    The Cleveland Guardians????

    Portland Winterhawks old jersey New logo, which is pretty badass
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    The Cleveland Guardians????
  7. JimAKABlkhwks918

    The Cleveland Guardians????

    No way....the Tom Hanks narrated video mentions that Cleveland is a city of "steel and fire."
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    Kraken Expansion Draft

    If I was a Seattle fan that ponied up for tickets, I'd not be a happy camper today. My new team already has the shittiest name in sports, but now it turns out it's actually an AHL expansion franchise...
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    Duncan Keith traded to Edmonton

    In the around and around with who the Hawks have and who they need, and trading from a strength to shore up a weakness: the Hawks have mostly weaknesses, and few strengths. For me, I'm not giving up the Cat for Jones; he's not top tier, and he's a one year rental. I understand the Hawks have...
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    RIP Biz Markie

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    Lawn Mowing Thread

    I have absolutely zero practical use for that, and yet I still want one...
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    Lawn Mowing Thread

    I don't have a photo, but I replaced the one on my gas unit with a new head that has 4 "buttons" with two holes in each, and each button swivels. You can still use trimmer string, but you cut it in roughly 12" pieces, pinch it in half, put it through the holes, and done. I guess because they...
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    Duncan Keith traded to Edmonton

    The Sharp trade is a fleecing; the Keith trade is not even close to that.
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    Duncan Keith traded to Edmonton

    Best of all things to DK and his family....first ballot HOF lock, and the #2 has been worn by a Hawk for the last time.
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    Foley to Retire After Next Year

    Going to miss Foley a ton....NHL and Chicago legend...he and Tallon were a great play-by-play/color team. One of my favorite all time....the dead air...🤣
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    What is your favorite type of media? (IMPORTANT)

    I like to read things...abhor podcasts, YouTube videos and the like.
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    I bought this at Costco because it is USA made and was cheap, and why has become the Midway Island of the house: a continuous furious battling for what apparently is the key strategic position in the war. The battles over, in, and around this thing have been worth the $23 and then...
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    How Old Is Grandpa

    I hate these nostalgia threads because they imply two very untrue things: 1. All we need is the bible for ed down everyone's throat, and we'll be fine 2. If everyone was exactly like the fictional character in the story, everything would be fine. Go back to any time and any place where one of...
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    Metamucil or Benefiber???

    I swear by this: You can get it at any healthy food store. That can lasts about a month. I mix a heap (6-8 tablespoons) with about 14 ounces of oat milk (choose your own beverage.) I take it right after...
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    The 2010 Cup Sexual Assault Thread

    Yeah, I'm not sure there's a path out of this for everyone involved in sweeping it under the rug at the now infamous "all the brass was there" meeting.