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    RIP Biz Markie

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    What Is Your Oldest Memory?

    The swimming post got me thinking about this. I have a crystal clear memory to this day of being at a motel on vacation. I remember the hot sun, and that I was wearing white terry cloth trunks with a blue waistband, and a red anchor and rope logo embroidered on them. I recall finding what to me...
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    Emmanuel Navarrete D Chris Diaz WBO Featherweight Title

    Fantastic fight...Navarrete peerless at 126, but Diaz stepping into the furnace giving it everything in the late rounds...hope there is a rematch.
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    Trade With Florida
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    California Map

    Gave me a chuckle....
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    Rapper DMX In Hospital After Heart Attack

    Breathing on his own, but very little brain activity. 😥 BBC News - Rapper DMX in hospital after heart attack
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    NHL Fired Veteran Official After Hot Mic Comment On Premeditated Penalty
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    Kayak Thread

    Finally accepted that I passed up some super deals on kayaks that aren't coming back, and purchased 2 Lifetime 10' entry level kayaks and paddles...picking them up on the way home today. Yesssssssssss.
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    19 Year Old Dies After Being Struck In The Head With A Puck During Game.

    Incredibly sad.
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    RIP "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler...62-3-2 with 52 KO's
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    Panarin Leave Of Absence From The Rangers

    Difficult to sort out the details of this story...
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    Murphy Out 10-14 Days (hip) And Shaw In Concussion Protocol

    I hope Shaw considers his kids and long term health...he's really piling up the concussions...☹️
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    Darling Back In Rockford
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    NBCSN Out!
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    4 More To The 'Hogs, Nylander to LTIR, Smith To IR Sent with @NHL
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    Evander Kane Files Chapter 7, May Not Play This Year
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    Colliton Extended Sent with @NHL
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    Round Of Cuts From Camp Today 2021.1.11 Sent with @NHL
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    Crawford Takes Leave Of Absence From Devils
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    Strome Signed 2 Year $3M Cap Hit Sent with @NHL