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    to all the WOKE people posting here. Didn't think I was offending posters here but I guess I did. So I'm sorry that you accept the cancel culture. ...was my fault. I won't make fun of anyone who still watches espn and snl. But bother were really good back when the Dan Patrick was there and also...
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    Arch Manning

    QB from Kent St is now someone brings Don't think this discussion could get dumber. Or a QB who played one game...Mitch played 17 times more games then Sir Lancelot but now we have to trade up to get him. I wanted to also have fun so I brought up Eli couple of days ago. But now I...
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    Bears forum is always active but the only team looking to win it's forum is dead
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    Mitch Traded Don't think it's true because nobody else is reporting it.
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    Do you guys think the White Sox will take a chance on Yasiel Puig? Plays right, get him on the cheap and a better hitter than Eaton. Not sure but I think he has a gun for an arm. As far as his mental state I think putting on a team with fellow Latins he'd be fine.
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    Interesting Listening

    Found this by accident but this guy makes sense. Liked a few of the numbers he threw out there.
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    mitchell 2017

    Just finished watching a ton of videos talking about this Bears pick. If you guys want to cry watch Steven A. plus others just listening to want they had to say. Heck even Bayless had it right. Even sadder after watching that Bears end of the year conference. And why Pace still has a job, who...
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    All is quiet in White Sox forum

    No trade rumors?
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    Do a search

    Just did looking at 2017 mock drafts. Interesting that Mitch was the first QB picked by the "experts". Even at #2 by the 49'ers. Mahomes on most lists was #25 picked by the Texans. Bears pick was all over the place but never a QB. So was Pace really that off by picking Mitch or these GM's...
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    Blake Snell

    Just listened to podcast on NBC Sports about trading for this guy. There's rumors all over the net about what it would take for the Sox to get him. Seems these sports guys are basing these moves on the one game in the WS where he was taken out too early. Vaughn, Kopech and Stiever for Snell...
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    Mock Drafts

    Always have to laugh when I look at updated mock drafts by the "experts". Everyday they change who the top five will be. Like reading Andrew Miller at Pippen Ain't Easy with his stupid trade proposals. Now some guy named Patrick Williams (WHO) is being looked at by the Bulls. These guys are no...
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    Never believed in this math telling a manager what he should do, Just look at our Sox and now the Tampa Bay team. Snell is pitching like a madman gives up a second hit and he's gone. What about knowing your personal in making those moves? Even us amateurs wouldn't make a move like that. Just...
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    Facebook and Twitter 2.0

    I opened a thread about being done with the NBA. I even said this place might not be the place for it. But I also pointed out how players and owners have brought politics into the sports arena. Politics is everywhere, in schools, work, getting hired for a job etc. Like all of you I like...
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    Giving up on NBA

    Supported the Packers, Zephyrs and the Bulls and was hoping the Bulls would improve this coming season. With this corvid 19 going on for months and changing our our lives I realize that I don't need sports to make me happy. I'll always will follow the White Sox and Bears but as for basketball...