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  1. BearDown104


    Hey Boys, heading to Chicago this weekend for the game. I’m looking for the best chicago pizza after the game. I’m staying at the Hampton on Cermack but don’t mind taking an Uber to where I need to go! let’s hear those pizza places!!!
  2. BearDown104

    3rd quarter scoring!

    Also, 0 scored in week 13.
  3. BearDown104

    Bears win in spite

    Bears are winning in spite of Matt Nagy. Change my mind. He’s a terrible play caller, terrible at clock management, terrible at “in game adjustments”. What does Nagy do well? We always look so ill prepared. I mean a timeout on first possession followed up by a delay of game. Not to be...
  4. BearDown104

    Anyone else?

    Anyone else vow to never watch the Bears again after the first 10-15 minutes and have to eat crow 😂 I know I did. I wish I had my 12 year old sons optimism, but I’ve watched this shit for far too long.
  5. BearDown104

    GM of the year tweet.

    Imagine passing on Cam Newton and Jameis Winston for $1M so you could give up a fourth-round pick for Nick Foles AND guarantee him $21M only to keep starting Mitchell Trubisky. GM of the Year, Ryan Pace. This is after moving up in the draft to select Mitch over Watson and Mahomes. #winning
  6. BearDown104

    Danny T

    I’m sure it’s a season ending injury, but I can’t find an update anywhere or the severity of it. Anyone see any information on him?
  7. BearDown104

    Anyone selling?

    Anyone selling their wildcard playoff tickets? I’ll buy 2 if you are!!!
  8. BearDown104

    Trubisky officially listed as doubtful

    Well, so much for a comfortable division lead. We lose a close one on the road. The Bears have officially ruled quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (right shoulder) as doubtful for tomorrow's game in Detroit. Per Chris Emma
  9. BearDown104

    Cause for concern?

    I totally get the defense is rocking and doing great. I’m not complaint, however is anyone concerned that Floyd is a ghost out there? I get he has a broken hand, but I haven’t heard his name, seen him getting any hurries or anything. You figure with the attention to Mack, Hicks, Goldman that...
  10. BearDown104

    Bye bye Grasu

    Ravens signed C Hroniss Grasu, formerly of the Bears. He gives them depth behind locked-in starter Matt Skura. Per rotoworld. Didn’t even know we cut him.
  11. BearDown104

    Tickets to Bears vs NE.

    Selling my grandstand 446 row 18 tickets. Found out I have something else going :( With Ticketmaster fees they were about $400 for 2. Only trying to get what I have in them, nothing more. They’re the electronic ones so I can transfer them to you that way.
  12. BearDown104

    Would you trade...

    Chicago receives- 1(12), 1(22), 2(53) Buffalo receives- 1(8), 2(39) I was doing some mock draft thing and this trade was proposed to me. At first I thought the drop in 2nd round was too far, but after loooking more the drop of only 4 spots in the first and grabbing that 22 pick would be well...
  13. BearDown104

    Chiefs get Watkins

    Well, ARob AND Watkins is now just a pipe dream The top free agent receiver is off the market: The #Chiefs are planning to sign WR Sammy Watkins to a 3-year deal, sources say. KC’s offense lands a huge weapon. Per Ian Rap I’m personally happy we got ARob over Watkins.
  14. BearDown104

    Bears ex CB, Porter

    Free agent CB Tracy Porter was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana, distribution of schedule II drugs, and domestic battery on Tuesday night. Porter allegedly grabbed his girlfriend by the arm and throat in an incident on October 5. Now 31, Porter is apparently attending truck driving...
  15. BearDown104

    Vikings D

    They held the Saints to 19, the Bucs to 17 and the Lions to 14. Those are some damn good offenses. We had a rookie making his first career start with no NFL caliber WRs and Zach Miller as our best pass catcher. R-E-L-A-X. Let's just let the rest of the season play out, watch Fox and Logains get...
  16. BearDown104

    Tre McBride

    Bears signed WR Tre McBride off their practice squad. It's notable only because the Bears' wide receiver cupboard is bare with Deonte Thompson leading the unit in snaps played on a weekly basis. McBride is a former Titans seventh-round pick out of William & Mary. Giving The Biscuit all he...
  17. BearDown104

    Freeman to IR

    This one hurts. Love watching Freeman play, but will be great to evaluate and get Nick the Stick more experience in what's looking to be a lost season
  18. BearDown104

    Like Beaver?

    and OG Willie Beavers were also among the Vikings' final cuts. Our predraft favorite lineman is just hanging out on waivers right meow! Make it happen, Pace!!
  19. BearDown104

    Francois signs with the packers.

    Former Washington DT Ricky Jean Francois signed a one-year, $3M deal with Packers, per source. Well fuck. We couldn't cut Unrein and use some of his money for an upgrade? Not that he's earth shattering, but more talented than Mitch. Oh well. Looks like no Super Bowl this year :(
  20. BearDown104

    Just answer, no explanation!

    No Trade Downs!!! No need to elaborate. Let's just see your pick. 1 Cleveland- Myles Garrett 2 SF- Mitch Trubisky 3- Chicago- ???? I'm taking DeShone Kizer.