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  1. Novoitus

    A realistic look into next year

    I am almost always right and made a great super realistic simulation of next year
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    How do you remember how to get here?

    Bears fans - how do you remember how to get to this part of the forum? please respond to the poll
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    This was our NFC championship game

    Me and the boys are absolutely raging right now. What a win. Ignore the rest of the year - this game was the NFC championship game and we are now traveling back to Chicago to face the Giants (who switched conferences) in the Super Bowl. Nagy has a bright future here.
  4. Novoitus

    Are you sad already?

    There was a thread posted earlier preparing us to already be sad. Where are you currently in your grief?
  5. Novoitus

    Today, Nagy saved his job. And possibly the city of Chicago.

    What a Herculean coaching performance by Nagy today. Say what you will about the guy, but he’s one of the best to do it. So much slander these previous two weeks. So many lies. He came out this Thanksgiving Thursday and coached with his heart on his sleeve. His offense was humming like a...
  6. Novoitus

    It’s time to brainstorm. What can the Bears do?

    Hello everyone. Exciting game last evening. What can the Bears do to right the ship? here’s my idea, let me know if you like it: even after a loss like this, the Bears should open “club dub”. The guys were tired last night. No energy. No “swagger”. Can you imagine walking into a dance party...
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    Pro Tip: The more you drink, the less you care!

    It’s 21-0 and I’m pretty numb to the situation myself. Let’s keep drinking fellas!
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    The Reality Check Thread: Bears vs. Packers. 2021. Week 6.

    It's time to FACE REALITY. And this is the thread where we do so. The Chicago Bears are going to get DECIMATED by the Green Bay Packers this week. The Packers have a superior OFFENSE and DEFENSE, both of these units are very important to success in the NFL. Fields is going to have his...
  9. Novoitus


    Hello pals. Post your predicted stat lines for my good friend Justin Field's first NFL start. Here are mine: 12/38 138 Yards Passing 0TDs 4INTs 13 Carries for 48 yards 1TD What are yours? MOD EDIT: Closest in yards (doesn't matter over/under) wins Soldier Fields T-Shirt.
  10. Novoitus

    Are the Bears going to be the 1st 0-17 team?

    It's starting to look like the Bears aren't going to win a single game this year with the piss poor showing in LA. I'm not even sure Fields could save this team. I'm starting to think the Bears will be the first ever 0-17 team in this new regular season. Thoughts?
  11. Novoitus

    Friendly CCS reminder as Bears football season starts up

    Hello all. Football season is almost here, which means weekly CCS Bears game day threads. This year, CCS is changing some things up a bit, and the following rules now apply to all 2021 Bears game day threads: All CCS posters that wish to participate in Bears game day threads must show proof...
  12. Novoitus

    Riley Appreciation Thread

    Saddened by the news today, the Bears sadly felt the need to part ways with Riley Ridley, one of the most talented WRs to ever come into Halas Hall. This has been a tough off season. Losing Mitch, Miller, and now finally Ridley. I'm not sure I can go on with watching this season now that the...
  13. Novoitus

    I’ve seen enough. Foles has won the starting job week 1

    Foles and horpstad are going to light the league on fire this year. You can’t coach this. They both need to start week 1 NOW
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    IMPORTANT: What would you do?

    SCENERIO: It's Saturday, August 21st, 2021, Mitch Trubisky is torching the Chicago Bears 1st string defense for an entire quarter. Andy Dalton still has yet to get a 1st down. It's 21-0 Bills. 8:54 left in the 1st. Andy Dalton and the Bears offense on their own 12 yard line, 3rd and 24...
  15. Novoitus

    Today’s the day: Witness greatness on the football field

    AT 6PM TODAY, we will all be granted the privilege of watching THE BEST BACKUP QUARTERBACK IN THE NFL, possibly ever. Mitch Trubisky and his Buffalo Bills take on the Detroit Lions Many are predicting this will be the most widely watched preseason game in NFL history. Are you excited? Will...
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    What is your favorite type of media? (IMPORTANT)

    At the office today, we had many discussions, and it made me think There are 4 major types of media. I want to find out which is the most popular Please tell me
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    Chew on this fact: Nagy 2-0 vs. NFC Champions

    That's right folks! Nagy is 2-0 vs. the NFC team that has made the Super Bowl since his tenure began What an absolute genius. We're in for a treat next year, I think.
  18. Novoitus

    Thank you, Mitch

    Thank you for an EPIC playoff season, Mitch! For the first time since the 1980s, the Bears have gone three consecutive seasons w/ NO losing record and made the playoffs 2/3 times. Absolutely incredible. This is a Mitch Trubisky thank you and appreciation thread. He deserves all the praise...
  19. Novoitus

    Trubisky deserves a mega-contract

    As the only QB in decades to lead the Bears to multiple playoff births, the Bears would be fools to not sign this kid to a massive multi-year, multi-million dollar contract. It's time to watch Mitch lead the Bears to the Super Bowl! Playoff Mitch is ACTIVE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!