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  1. Mighty Joe Young

    Look at San Francisco during these playoffs for an idea of the Bears' Offensive Identity

    San Francisco has an exceptional O-line. They are in the top 10 for rush yards for the regular season. They have some of the most creative run packages in the NFL. With Eberflus wanting to run a shanahan style offense, San Francisco is the most comparable offense you can find right now...
  2. Mighty Joe Young

    Despite many on the Score saying Eberfleus runs a Tampa 2, looks like he's evolved it to a more cover-3 model: Fascinating article from 2 years ago. Looks like Eberfleus not only knows how to run the Tampa 2, but he's already been tinkering with it while on the Colts to modernize it...
  3. Mighty Joe Young

    OT: Balke out at Jacksonville

  4. Mighty Joe Young

    Curious what people's issue is with Dan Quinn?

    I've seen a lot of negative on the guy. I believe he had three years of winning records including a Super bowl appearance with Atlanta, his first year was eight and eight, and his last 3 years sucked before being fired when Atlanta went O and five. But around the time Atlanta started sinking...
  5. Mighty Joe Young

    After the Bills run in the post season, I am all in on DaBoll

    And yes, I realize just how much of that is Josh Allen. Allen is a special QB. But he didn't start out that way. And if you look at Fields, Justin has the same skillset as Josh Allen. Same physical tools. Same downfield accuracy. Now, can he develop his decision-making and hang onto the...
  6. Mighty Joe Young

    Supposedly the recent Fields trade rumors came from Flores

    There are some other tweets out there that I didn't copy here but supposedly when Flores interviewed with the Bears, he pitched trading Justin Fields for deshaun Watson. And Flores is determined to have DeShaun Watson wherever he goes. So wherever he lands, he wants to trade for watson. That's...
  7. Mighty Joe Young

    Playoffs thus far are the perfect example of how the NFL is a QB-driven league.

    Seriously - just from watching, you need that QB, and the most important thing out of all of it is accuracy under pressure. Brady and Allen had that in spades. I watched Carr and Prescott, and for all the love they get from some fans, neither are close to clutch under pressure. Jimmy G has...
  8. Mighty Joe Young

    OT: Daboll impressive. Bills O is nuts

    Watching the playoff game and holy crap. The bills do not have a great offensive line, but they play like their hair is absolutely on fire. Just a ton of activity and energy and wow. It's like the entire offense was taking uppers. Just really damn impressive stuff and I could easily see...
  9. Mighty Joe Young

    A-Rob now acting different now that Nagy and Pace are gone.

    Basically blaming Nagy for the reason why he sucked this year - blames all the hitch routes. If the Bears do seriously re-sign him, I hope he understands that after he quit this year, he has to go fucking earn it again...
  10. Mighty Joe Young

    Bears reach out to Rick Smith!!!!

    Crossing my fingers on this one!
  11. Mighty Joe Young

    Ernie Accorsi vs Bill Polian

    First things first - neither are someone I would want leading a modern NFL search. HOWEVER... Let's stop pretending Bill Polian is Ernie Accorsi just because he wanted Jackson to convert to WR. Lets actually look at the 2. Ernie Accorsi GM Baltimore Colts - 1982 to 1983. Record - 7-17-1...
  12. Mighty Joe Young

    Harbaugh advocates - would you want him as HC..... if it meant you had to keep Pace as GM?

    Let's say you're George McCaskey. Despite how much hate he has gotten, you really love your Ryan Pace. But he just has been shit when it comes to picking a coach and his taste in first round picks is debatable bordering on foolish. Jim Harbaugh knows there is a potential opening coming and...
  13. Mighty Joe Young

    So, next years teams we play don't seem too bad if the Bears can take a step forward

    I know anything can happen from year to year, but I remember the past few years when the Bears have finished 3rd or 4th thinking "Oh shit - why is the schedule this hard?" This seems like if we can get a decent coach next year (and hopefully a better GM), Bears can have a bounce-back year.