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    Some relief at Salary Cap 2022
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Cooking two Texas size briskets for a big family get together. Hoping all of Y'all enjoy a great Thanksgiving as well. And yeah... GO Bears!!!
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    Public enemy #1

    Should have been suspended.
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    Thoughts about expansion teams

    Man we have so many stud QBs in the league with more and more QBs in just makes sense to expand the League. NFL would have to reshuffle the divisions. They also have to add teams in each division. Wow that's 8 teams! What cities would you guys Iike to get a team in? MY LIST: 1...
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    Bought my first Bears Jersey!

    I told myself long time ago that my first Bears Jersey will be a QB and the right one. Almost bought a Grossman Jersey if we won the Super Bowl back in '06 I was gifted a Urlacher Jersey but that doesn't count. Bought this Yesterday at Dicks. About damn time huh!
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    Why is Nick "Slow ass" Foles still on this Team?

    Can't we just cut him eat that 4 mil and get back a roster spot. don't want to hate on Nick... actually I really wanted to root for the guy. He's from Austin, TX. Where I've lived before and such a nice guy. But geez he's slow and washed up... really disappointing. Nick needs to go run his...
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    Film Study on QB1.. lol

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I'm not on here much, thought we all need a reminder how hard it is to play QB... kind of glad we're protecting Fields and have experience start now.
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    Why do i have the feeling Bears are gonna screw up?

    Nevermind, I don't wanna jinx it. IMO, Justin Fields is a smoke screen, they going for Trey Lance.
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    Signing/Trade thoughts for Oline help!

    1st) sign Spain now! 2nd) I call up the Texans for Tunsil (yes he will cost us but isn't he worth it? Will cost us a 2nd and 3rd. We need to win now. I live in Houston and the talk is how they need to blow up this team for draft picks. They don't have a 1st or 2nd... And imo the Texans are...
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    Should Bears trade for O.J. Howard?

    I saw a fake news about about Bears trading a 5th for the bucs O. J. Howard. It got me thinking should the bears go after him. He is only 25 and would make us a two headed monster at tight-end. But we do have 8 tight ends on the team already. My opinion he's hard to pass up.
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    Bears should convert..!

    Aguayo into a punter. He has a strong leg but no accuracy... thoughts?
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    Letting Go.

    Funny thing happen last night when I walked into a local bar here in Texas. I'm at the bar and this lady walks up to me and asks me, "Hey is that a Bears jacket?" I was wearing my Mitchell & Ness Bear Jacket. She says "my Boyfriend is from Chicago and I've never seen this jacket before. I like...
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    Momentum is Building!!!

    I have this giddy feeling the Bears offense is going to make a huge run. Lets look at the games Dolphins - Win, Why? Combo of defense and offense here. Marshall with a huge game 3 td, 150+ yards. Pats - Toss up, Why? All offense here. Pats have no answer for Forte or Bennett. Forte, 25...