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  1. JurisFrog

    SoThis Is Goodbye

    Dear Bears Fans I showed up here excited for AD to take over this team. Looking back, I was naive. I knew nothing of Nagy’s incompetence or the overall ineptitude surrounding this team and its management. I didn’t know the OL sucked or that the fan base was so disillusioned that it bordered on...
  2. JurisFrog

    Is Andy Dalton buying the Bears? Player / Owner?

    Aw I’m just having some fun with you guys. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
  3. JurisFrog

    Happy for AD and true Bears fans who want to win

    This was a gutty win. Roller coaster. Lots of penalties on both sides. Decent performance defensively for the Bears. They started to fall apart but righted the ship. Decent performance for the offense. Few quality receivers with ARob and Goodwin out. Lions sold out to stop the run...
  4. JurisFrog

    Believe me yet? I called ALL of this

    I predicated ALL of this. fans and media call for Fields to play. Nagy yields. Stupidly. Fields, behind rotten OL, with known pre-draft problems of holding ball too long, gets mauled. Next steps: Fields gets ruined. Fields gets hurt. And all along you football ignoramuses had a...
  5. JurisFrog

    I so hope the Bears trade Andy Dalton

    Why? reason 1 - Nagy. Nagy did AD wrong. He broke his promise. He caved to pressure from stupid fans and the media. To save his job. AD shouldn’t have to play for a liar and weakling. reason 2 - shitty OL. The bears OL sucks. Truly. Fields will get hurt. Why put AD in to deal with it? Foles...
  6. JurisFrog

    Play Foles

    This is a winnable game. Fields is lost. He’s been sacked 7 times. He is holding the ball too long. He’s missing receivers. He’s 5 of 12. Nagy knows Fields holds the ball too long and that’s why he started AD. Well now AD is hurt and we need a veteran in the game. I know y’all have...
  7. JurisFrog

    My Justin Fields Prediction (not pretty but probably true)

    Disclaimer: I’m a Dalton fan. He’s playing for the Bears, which to me is cool because of my being a huge Bears fan as a kid up through HS. I predict: 1. The morons in the press will build up the drumbeat for Fields because they know the fans want him to play and they want clicks (you do know...
  8. JurisFrog


    I don’t know whether Chicago fans know it or not, but y’all suck. Seriously. Booing Andy today was crap. I know it. Andy knows it. Justin Fields knows it. You may be worse than Cincy fans. I don’t know. But you really know how to show your ass.
  9. JurisFrog

    Is Fields = RG3?

    Fields: 6'3", 228 pounds Griffin: 6'2 3/8", 223 pounds Fields: 4.4 speed Griffin: 4.4 speed Fields: criticisms are hitch in throwing motion, lack of experience reading defenses Griffin: criticisms are over-the-top throwing motion, lack of experience reading defenses, doesn't call...
  10. JurisFrog

    Why the Bears won't take a QB before round 4

    Because it makes no sense to. If Pace and Nagy are really on the "hot seat" as everyone around here says, and if they are really in a "win now" mode, and if they will be fired if the Bears don't make a decent playoff run this season, why in the heck would they trade up to take a QB early? For...
  11. JurisFrog

    Real questions about Bears ownership

    I’m new to the Board and a new Bears fan. I live near Dallas and have had to endure J. Jones for the last 30 years. Great owner, terrible GM. Shouldn’t have fired Coach Tom, or Jimmy Johnson, and we’ve sucked since Johnson left. Jones can make money but can’t manage. He gets too close to his...
  12. JurisFrog

    What if the Bears had NOT signed Andy Dalton

    Then what would you all be saying? Who would be your QB1? Trubisky? Foles? Or just tank the whole season and try to get a good draft pick for the next year? You all go on and on about getting one of these rookie QB's in the draft, as if they are going to magically work out. Who can say...
  13. JurisFrog

    I have followed Andy Dalton for his entire career. Here is the scoop on Dalton.

    You are getting a very good QB, a GREAT man, a true leader. Andy Dalton fits in very well with The City of Big Shoulders and how the world views the Chicago Bears franchise. Tough. Strong. Durable. Dependable. WINNER. Andy is a hyper-accurate QB, primarily in the short to mid-ranges. He has a...