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    This is a trash HC hire

    I expect him to do a serviceable job not have the number one pick the following year
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    This is a trash HC hire

    What ever! I am not saying this was the best choice but Caldwell has had two head coaching opportunities and was fired both times !
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    This is a trash HC hire

    Caldwell didn’t do shit manning did it .that my point he still had talent on that team and they still had the number one daft pick .
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    This is a trash HC hire

    How the fuck is Caldwell more qualified? He sucked after manning left and was horrible in Detroit! Harbaugh finally had a very good season at Michigan and had a beat down in the collage playoffs! Nagys experience does not make him a better candidate anywhere!
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    Bears reporter flips out

    Bra Arthur served in the marine corps you schmuck!
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    Hackett to Broncos

    Do you think that is Aaron’s mentality? Serious question? From my side of the tv he looks and sounds like he is always pointing fingers as if it’s never his fault just what I think. This years packer team was damn good and they are one and done . Aaron has always showed of beating the bottom...
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    Hackett to Broncos

    I believe they are in a good salary cap situation. It will take draft picks to get Rodgers! Aaron best think this move through afc west isn’t the nfc north he isn’t going to just have six wins in the devision every year. Outside of the broncos every team has a good QB IMO!
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    Ryan Poles Head Coaching Interviews....

    I am not on the Dan Quinn band bandwagon either!!
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    Overtime rules stink!!! Robbed us all tonight

    I agree I think they should get 10 minutes and two timeouts but that just my opinion. At the very least both teams should get a chance with the ball!
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    But yet his team won the game!!
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    Fuck that give Rodgers credit for winning while letting him walk when chocking! This was supposed to be the best team the packers assembled in the Rodgers era keep making excuses for him! They scored 10 fucking points what a joke!
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    I Am Officially Off The Kellen Moore Bandwagon.

    I was never on it !
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    Brian Flores

    I like Brian Flores I think he would be a great fit but I’m just a fan not an Nfl team owner so someone would have to school me on this one!!
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    Hope George is happy

    It isn’t just George it’s all of the fucking McCasky’s!! They are all incompetent including Virginia! Fuck them all stop buying bears gear stop going to games
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    Speculation that Rick Smith could be next gen/football tzar

    It can’t get any worse until it does !
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    Ted Distancing Himself From Football Operations?

    That and McCasky’s are still owners! Any competent owner would of fixed the bullshit long ago!
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    Ted Distancing Himself From Football Operations?

    Hiring GM’S period!
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    I stopped buying bears gear years ago! I live in Colorado so there isn’t any bears related merchandise out here . Very little anyway wasn’t that hard.
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    Over/Under on where Nagy lands..

    Would you like some fries with that?
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    Found this pic of Nagy ion the shower

    Hell yea it is!!