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    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    I also agree we don't have any plan of attack against the zone. It's 2 parts of ignorance. It's like none of the bulls players came from college and have seen a zone defense before. Like they forgot all there college experiences. Every player has played against a zone in there collegiate career...
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    Leadership on this squad

    After watching all of our beloved Bulls games so far this year I see 1 of our biggest flaws is leadership. This shows itself in a couple of ways in winning and losing. First example is half court offense. Who is our leader in the half court. I would love for London to run our offense more like...
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    Ok they're improved, but

    Zach has superstar talent, but he lacks discipline and no how. He and this team desperately needs a veteran player that has been on a winning team that they "respect 1 and is vocal 2". We all have watched games when Zach comes down and shoots too many ill-advised 3's. Yes he also has saved the...
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    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    I don't mind saying when the bulls hurt themselves during a game. But we were fighting the Blazers as well as the Refs last night. My god the early Tony Bradley fouls were just a preview to the one sided b.s calls we received all night. Portland got away with hacking us all night, and we get...
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    Marvin Bagley

    We need Bagley post offense. Vuc is playing like an aging center. He is more of a jump shooter than A post player. And it's like there's a lid on the rim when he shoots. Mid range short range, and the three point shots. And he be wide open. Hope we get on track because the schedule is getting...
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    2021-2022 IGT Masterthread

    Great fight until the end. Wish we got the win, but always great to see D. Rose and Taj. I root for them when they are not playing us. Quick take, Tony Bradley needs more playing time, asap. We need a power toward like yesterday. My vote is for Young to return. C'mon Spurs buy him out so he can...
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    Marvin Bagley

    I appreciate all the input. Bagley is 1 of three players that I would want if possible. I appreciate the info on Bagley lack of defense. I admit I didn't do my homework on him completely. Saw his size and availability and concluded he fit our need. I also like Grant from the Pistons. He would...
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    Marvin Bagley

    Not sure what it would take to get him, but he would be ideal to bag up Patrick Williams at the 4 spot. Legit 6'10 athletic power foward. That way teaming him with Tony Bradley could resolve our perceived big man problem later in the season. I would move Tyler cook, or a possible 2nd round pick...
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    Bulls to sign Stanley Johnson

    If it comes down between Johnson and Thomas, my vote is for Thomas to stay. 1 more preseason game so I'll be watching these two players. Johnson would have to have an incredible game to change my mind. I feel like Troy Brown Jr, or Derrick Jones Jr bring more value to the team. Can't wait for...
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    1936 classic white jersey on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers

    Those jerseys are fire. The stripe socks have even grown on me. Lets get this divisional win, come together like Voltron and kick some candy asses. Whoo! (Rick Flair voice) In Fields we trust! #Beardown
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    Who would you like to see as our next head coach?

    1Sean Peyton 2 Rex Ryan 3 Mike Tomlin Obviously Peyton would be a dream. I really like Red and feel like he has learned in time from former mistakes, and he never got to coach a player of fields caliber. And Tomlinson would definitely bring fire on the sideline, and accountability with the...
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    The Worst Ran Franchise since the Jordan era

    Gar/Pax are the worst GM'S in america. They escape without taking any of the blame for their many boneheaded moves they have made. All the negative talk aimed at Derrick for some of the comments he has made, fine. But when does these assclowns get their ticket punched for the crap they have done.
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    Perimeter players

    Rose has got ta do better. i wanna give him a pass because the eye thing took away his pre season, but those are the breaks. u put your foot in your mouth and killed any rope during the first day of media for the season. 8 points ain't gonna cut it plain and simple. Where are u. hell contract...
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    Joke-kim Noah

    i cringe every time he enters the game. This league has passed him by. Heart is one thing but flat out skill will kill it every time. He is the lightest in the ass center i have ever seen. Undersized(not his fault but an reality). Portis should be playing even though he also needs to bulk up...
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    Gerald Green

    Went to the heat for like the league minimum. He is freaky athletic, good shooter, confident(un-Tony Snell), and versatile. Can play the guard or foward position. With butler being put on some of the better star players of the league, his energy is drained on defense. Green would have been of...
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    Taj Gibson the starter???

    My computer has been down or i would have posted this earlier. I had to lol at the fact that Taj has been handcuffed to the bench with Joakim Noah without give the chance to start. The reason i state this is two fold. We all can see that Noah was going to the bench , so he goes I play better...
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    Chicago Bulls beat writer Sam Smith

    ASK SAM | SAM SMITH OPENS HIS MAILBAG | 5.22.2015 Sam Smith of opens his Ask Sam mailbag and responds to the latest round of emails from his readers Posted: May 22, 2015 FACEBOOK GOOGLE PLUS TWITTER LINK The contents of this page have not been reviewed or endorsed by the Chicago...
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    Would Texas Shaka Smart be a good coaching candidate for the bulls position?

    I:bulls:'m not sure if he has the expierience (could be a good thing). OUR core of Rose, Butler, and Mirotic may relate and flourish with a more current relatable coach. Don't feel we should just settle on one coach . interviews and ideas should be explored to get the best Coach 4 the job. One...
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    The Reason WHY THIBBS MUST GO!!!!

    Many casual fans don't remember how bad the bulls have played MOsT of the season. He is a bad coach. Really! His players don't even know or respect the fundamentals of basketball. The Entire city of chicago had to yell and beg in the milwalkee series for the team to speed up their game, get into...
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    My starting line-up and subtatutions

    ROSE BUTLER DUNLEAVY GIBSON GASOL First subs should be noah 4 Gasol and Snell 4 Dunleavy(which would move butler 2 the small foward) Next mirotic 4 Gibson and Brooks/Hinrich(depending on match-up) 4 Rose Taj is a great help defender for Gasol and Noah is a great pairing with mirotic. win win.