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  1. Midwaymonster75

    Overtime rules stink!!! Robbed us all tonight

    Josh Allen shouldve had a chance to win or tie that game and because of some shit idiotic OT rules we were all robbed of an epic drive. An all time classic game that went out with a wimper. Its simple, overtime each team gets at least one possession. After that its sudden death. Why is this so...
  2. Midwaymonster75

    Breaking News: Packers sold!!!

    Now owned by the San Francisco 49ers🤣😂
  3. Midwaymonster75

    Looking ahead at what would be the end of Nagy

    Raiders next week then its the Packers, Bucs and 9ers to finish the month. If Justin plays well again next week and the offense puts up points and Andy is healthy for week 6 there is no way he can sit Justin in favor of Andy. If he does this and the offense struggles and the Bears lose i think...
  4. Midwaymonster75

    Eisen show Dilfer nails it!

    2:09-4:30 Dilf sums it up perfectly.
  5. Midwaymonster75

    The only stat that matters and why Nagy shouldve already been fired!

    We all know the bears averaged 30 ppg in the games BIll Lazor called the offense. But did you know in the last 29 games Matt Nagy has called the plays the bears are averaging less than 18 points per game? In 3 games this season theyre averageing 11 points. That is all.
  6. Midwaymonster75

    Bye week record

    We have a tough schedule this season and looking at it its conceivable the Bears could be 2-7 going into the bye.
  7. Midwaymonster75

    This is it guys! This will be a franchises changing pick

    This is the pick we`ve all been waiting for. This is the one thats going to change this franchise for the next decade and put an end to the decades of mediocre to terrible QB play this franchise has suffered through. We will no longer come up short because we dont have a QB who can win games...
  8. Midwaymonster75

    McShay: Bears trade up to #12?

    And take Mac Jones? Is anybody here sold on jones being more than a career back up or middle of the road starter? This is one guy i have absolutely no read on. I cant tell if hes Joe Burrow or Tim Couch. Thoughts?
  9. Midwaymonster75

    If we dont RD 1 qb

    This guy would be a nice day 3 pick. Have really been looking for a diamond in the rough and i think this guy is it. Hes accurate, strong arm, can read defenses, is athletic and hes a leader. Has to put on weight and work a bit on mechanics but there is a lot to like here. I mean look at the...
  10. Midwaymonster75

    Your thoughts on this draft prediction

    9. Chicago Bears (projected trade w/ Denver): Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State "The Broncos are in a fascinating spot. If they feel that Drew Lock is not their QB of the future, they may look to stay in this spot and draft a new QB. However, if there is a team willing to come up and offer them...
  11. Midwaymonster75

    Two qbs we could draft

    We could take either of these two in the 3rd or 4th round (via trade) and give us a chance of picking up a talented qb who could possibly turn into something. One of these guys we all know about the other guy hasnt really been mentioned but i think hes worth a serious look especially in the 4th...
  12. Midwaymonster75


    How is it possible for a franchise that has been around for 100 years have such a poor history at the QB position? Seriously. What is it?
  13. Midwaymonster75

    Is it time for Big dick Nick?

  14. Midwaymonster75

    Pa`gone O

    Chuck needs to go. This defense is sickening to watch and Rodgers looks like hes playing against a practice squad. Scrubisky is incapable of keeping pace on offense which has been exposed like many suspected against a good defense. I hope Arizona wins as i dont want to get into the playoffs ass...
  15. Midwaymonster75

    So, did Fields shut up the critics?

    After his poor outing against NW it seemed people cooled on Fields as the #2 QB in the draft and others were cool on him anyway just because hes an OSU QB and Haskins recent release added to the skepticism. I have said he is not like any of those previous guys. I think Fields is going to be a...
  16. Midwaymonster75

    If the Bears lose to Jax

    Should Nagy be fired?
  17. Midwaymonster75

    We need to be who we are!!!

    I think we all have to give up on this dream of having a high flying offense with a franchise QB slinging it all over the field. We need to blow this up and go into rebuild with a clear vision of what we need to be. Build the offensive line, get some running backs and build a great defense. If...
  18. Midwaymonster75

    Im more optimistic than i was

    The difference in this offense is like night and day and this highlight video shows it. I think the defense even felt inspired and energized in the second half. This is a different team than they were at kick off. If Foles stays healthy and the defense gets it together against the run this team...
  19. Midwaymonster75

    Season record prediction