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    Matt Eberflus - "For The Record" Registry

    Okay looks like the HC search is over with the above hire. The other day I did a thread for the GM where everyone can go on record to give their opinion of the hire and if they think that person will be a success. This will resolve a lot of arguments that will come over the next several years...
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    Ryan Poles "For The Record" Registry

    The single thread for the HC & GM searches rumors & comments seemed to work out pretty well with over 100K contributions. Keeping that mostly in one place. So this is for Ryan Poles and if you think he will be a "success" in his new role as GM. We, all at various times like to predict, brag...
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    My Top 5

    With the old guys retiring or reaching the end at QB in the NFL - Brees, Big Ben, Rodgers, Brady etc these 5 guys are the new guns in town for the next 10 years - Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Burrows and yes Justin Fields. Not Kyler Murray or Mac Jones for me. I believe in Fields to make the jump...
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    15 GM Candidates & Counting

    They seem to add a name every day or so, does that mean all the ones already interviewed were duds? It makes no sense to me? Thoughts?
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    Daboll - HC & Dorsey - OC

    Say what you will but Allen's improvement has been incredible both these guy's deserve the credit and I would trust these 2 most for Fields development. What do you think?
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    Bears & Cowboys The Same

    Total lack of discipline. With Bears we say it was poor coaching. Does it also apply to their 2 hotshot coordinators?
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    Zoom Meetings vs. Face to Face

    I see Denver & Miami are flying in this weekend for interviews with candidates vs. our zoom approach. Does it or should it make a difference with the prospects at this stage? Does it make pursuer look more invested or a more spare no expense type to get their guy? I was just surprised and...
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    Minority Hires & Draft Picks

    Does anyone know for sure what the NFL does regarding granting draft picks for hiring minority candidates. I thought I read a few months ago that hiring minorities gave you extra picks. Can't find it now but thought it was as high as a 3rd rounder for coordinators and above. Anyone know for...
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    My GM List

    Lot's of names thrown around but my list for top three in no particular order are Rick Smith, Ed Dodds and Joe Schoen.
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    Kellen Moore Question

    He is or was suppose to be such a hot prospect why do you think he isn't on the Bears interview list? He may be the next Sean McVey but I'm not sold just curious, I doubt he can "command the room".
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    Is George Really That Tone Deaf?

    I've been a Bears fan for 50+ years and never remember this much angst, anger and all the media rumors etc. There's always speculation around openings and names mentioned etc. but never has it been this vocal and angry for this long a period of time, it's been bad in the media and with the fans...
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    How Does George Maximize Bears Value?

    Most of us think the McCaskey's haven't sold because Virginia is still alive. George is clearly in over his head which should indicate he's not enjoying himself and there have been commentary over the years that many family members want to cash out. Given all that and more how would you maximize...
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    Message to Bears Fans on Roquan Smith

    I get that we all agree he's one of the top LB's in the NFL. Statistic's confirm it. Most of us could care less for the excuses as to why he doesn't get the recognition. My message is to quit whining about it and go out and vote next time then he gets in. So if you didn't vote for him stop...
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    Interesting RB Comparison

    I think we all agree that Monty should be getting more carries and if they lean on the running game Herbert should get some more carries every game as well. Having said all that I was looking at some stats and found 2 interesting comparisons: Alvin Kamara - 184 carries for 668 yards with 4...
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    Nagy's Eye Contact @ Presser

    Did anyone look at the lack of eye contact @ Nagy's press conference. I usually don't bother or care about anything he has to say but with all the drama last night I thought it might be entertaining. He spent 99% of the time either looking at the ceiling or the floor. Maybe there were some naked...
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    NFL - Rules Question

    I was watching the game last night with the Chiefs & Chargers and listened to the referee stumble thru the overtime rules. He said both teams would possess the ball unless the receiving team scored a TD or there was a defensive TD. After that teams continue until someone scores then they win...
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    I saw the thread but what do you think if true?

    I don't want to talk about or guess if the Armstrong & Day rumor is true, I want to know if you would like the move if it happened which is a different question. This would be a bold move and I would like it personally. This would put Armstrong, a well respected football guy in charge that has...
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    Akeem Hicks New Team

    The Steelers need to call the Bears @ halftime to get Hicks. Watching the absolute worst run defense I can recall and I'm an old guy that's watched a lot of football. Maybe Pace can get a 1st rounder.
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    I got Pace at 75% to 25%

    I think there's a pretty high chance that Ted retires and they move Pace over to his spot. Thought's?
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    Coaching & Adapting - WOW

    Let me say right upfront that I can't stand Bellichick and the Patriots but what a job of coaching and adapting to the game conditions and what was needed to win last night. It must be nice to have Bill & Josh on staff instead of the jokes we have, maybe someday soon.