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  1. zabavka

    Georgie and Sweaty

    As long as these 2 asshats are in charge nothing will change. New faces will appear, same results. Because ownership and team President CEO are not "football guys". The Bears are what Dumb and Dumber would be if they ran a football team.
  2. zabavka

    The Bears have been bad this year...

    But the Refs this year have really done a number on them too. Seriously F the Refs, they REALLY don't like the Bears.
  3. zabavka

    Ted Phillips

    22 years of being team President, 6 playoff appearances according to Wikipedia. Thought the playoff number was higher, just shows how damn incompetent this team and ownership is.
  4. zabavka

    Ifedi is the new Leno

    He looks like shit today.
  5. zabavka

    UDFA signings

    Who do we got?
  6. zabavka

    Who gets cut and or traded today?

    To get the Bears under the cap?
  7. zabavka

    Pat O'Donnell signs

    1 year contract per Rotoworld, whatever it's called now... Can they get the special teams band back together with Scales?
  8. zabavka


    With all the talk of trading multiple picks and burning draft capital why not just sign Fitzpatrick? He's no better or worse than Winston or Wentz. Save your picks and draft a development QB, Mac Jones or Trask if available? The only player worth picks is Watson and that's a pipe dream.
  9. zabavka

    Anthony Miller

    Does this arrogant douchebag think he's good at football?! Go practice with a jugs machine and learn how to catch with your hands. You know like a WR is supposed to be good at doing.
  10. zabavka

    O Line is trash vs real a NFL defense

    Somebody get Juan Castillo a jersey and replace Leno.
  11. zabavka

    UDFA Thread

    Post em here! Alwats one of my favorite threads to follow after the draft.
  12. zabavka

    Who needs Preseason...

    When you put up 3 points on a shitty GB defense. Wow. At least we know Trubisky isn't gonna get Goff money....right? RIGHT?! Shittiest performance I've seen in recent memory
  13. zabavka

    Should the Bears trade Sitton?

    According to Rotoworld teams are calling the Bears about Sitton. Trade him or not? I say why not, and throw Glennon in at QB to take the beating lol
  14. zabavka

    Bears have interest in....

    Every FA available but can't get anyone! HAHAHA!
  15. zabavka

    Glennon better than Hoyer?

    Where is this false narrative coming from? My guess its what you all are telling yourselves to stomach this move. Let's see the stats and reasons Glennon is better and has upside over Hoyer. I see the same caliber of player in both guys
  16. zabavka

    Johnny Manziel

    Word is he's planning an NFL comeback. One of his biggest supporters is our current OC. Anyone think he's given a chance here? I wouldn't but Loggains would...
  17. zabavka

    Best player available strategy

    I love all you message board heros here thinking the Bears have the luxury of going BPA That is for successful organizations. They have the LUXURY of doing that cause they have this thing called depth. The Bears have no depth and a ton of holes on the roster. Shitty teams like us have to...
  18. zabavka

    Phil Emery might be going to the Super Bowl

    Lol At least the Packers wouldn't be going!
  19. zabavka

    David Fales

    Insert in the game please
  20. zabavka

    Have the meatball colored glasses finally been lifted?

    Sound off here if you have been enlightened..