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  1. WestsideResider

    So…Breshad Perriman

    What was the point of signing this guy? He hasn’t been active once this season. Are they using him to launder money or something?
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    Jalen Hurts should be the goal this offseason

    With Philly telling their coaching candidates that Wentz is staying I doubt they’d want much for him. More realistic than mortgaging the future for Deshaun Watson, who I doubt would wanna come here anyway.
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    Week 14 vs the Rams flexed to SNF

    Lots of damn primetime games coming up. 1062823458143420416
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    We haven't seen this much swagger since 2006, boys

    Back then it was only the D though.
  5. WestsideResider

    Khalil Mack mic'd up vs the Seahawks This type of shit wakes up my inner meatball for some reason. Cool to see how he stepped right into being a leader of the D.
  6. WestsideResider

    Will Kyle Fuller ever figure it out?

    He's in year 5, got his big money 2nd contract and he's still getting shit on by the likes of Geronimo Allison. Will he ever grow into a legit, dependable CB #1 or is this just who he is?
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    Goldman extenstion is done! 4 Years, 42 Million

    1038111114930864130 1038112794791563269
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    Interesting Kevin White stat

    In 3 seasons Kevin White has had more jersey numbers (2) than touchdown receptions (0). Discuss.
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    Dowell named Dolphins offensive coordinator

    948728189760745472 Such a shame we didn't at least give him a HC interview:(
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    Should have fired Fox after last season and got this guy

    945095873251471360 :( Now watch we end up with some former DB coach when we Firefox.
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    Are the Bears cursed?

    I mean, look at some of the shit that happens to this team.
  12. WestsideResider

    Bears signing Cairo Santos - a week too late

  13. WestsideResider

    John Fox's glowing record vs the NFC North

    932379805659684864 I miss Lovie Smith :/
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    Predict when Trubisky will have his first good game

    Out of the remaining games when do you think we'll see Trubisky put together a full game of looking like a competent NFL QB?
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    What happened to Marcus Cooper?

    He was playing well then got hurt but has been healthy for like a month now. He could have relived Fuller today when he was getting embarrassed.
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    Seriously though, why aren't we actively trying to replace Connor Barth?

    The guy wasn't good last season and hasn't been much better this season. 925779648126087169 925779476188946433
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    Bears are running it on 70% of first downs since Trubisky took over

    68/29 Split. How can they be so damn dumb?
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    We traded for Dontrelle Inman

    Chargers traded WR Dontrelle Inman to the Bears for a seventh-round pick, per sources.
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    What Saints fans are saying Probably shouldn't even show up for this one