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    In case you missed it....

    DePaul basketball 6-1 including a convincing win over last years sweet sixteen finishing Stanford, best start since 1993, 4 players averaging double figures and have had multiple games where all 5 starters hit the mark, and doing it all while playing hard, defensive, team basketball. Never...
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    One Game

    One game...and you all flip out and say all hope is lost lets blow up the team. you guys sucks. but i guess i should remember that my sig sums up CCS in a nutshell. i know this is really bard form some of you, but lets keep in mind that this was the 1st ams of the season and improvements and...
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    Watch Premier League, La Liga, etc online?

    So ill be off to college pretty soon but really wanna be able to watch premier league, champions league, la liga, bundesliga, etc...are there any websites that you can legally watch games online for free? i don't want to risk getting a virus. would i be able to watch online at like nbc or espn...
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    Good Article On Jerry Via Daily Herald, if the article is blocked at first just answer the stupid question to unblock it
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    Houston's Vision :bowrofl:
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    Rank the Offensive Line

    Serious thread Out of the Offensive linemen, rank them from best to worst based on today's performance only. I missed most of the game and I'm interested to see what the consensus is on who played well and who didn't.
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    DePaulfan21's Trolling Thread

    Dudes been inactive every game... What gives? Not a smart move emery what if a RB gets hurt
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    Kane and Toews Blackhawks "Forever" Couldn't think of a good title...feel free to edit.
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    OT: Fox Sports 1

    Anybody watch Fox Sports 1's equivalent if Sportscenter (it's called FoxSports Live) tonight in the network debut? I watched it and it was not to bad, obviously it had its flaws I mean it was only day 1 of the 1 but I liked it.
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    OT: A Sportscenter First

    I was watching Sportscenter and the highlights of the Eagles and Pats game came on and they briefly discussed it after and the unthinkable happened...even though his team played, Tebows name was not mentioned once and I didn't see him in any highlights. :jawdrop:
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    Shark Week

    All things Shark week here :buttrock:
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    College Thread

    Starting this thread for anyone discussing college or giving advice on it. Pretty much me needing advice and sharing my journey through the college search process and probably Code, Clone, and Fisch(?) jumping in to help and share knowledge. All are welcome, I just don't expect anyone else since...
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    OT: Lions Release Jahvid Best
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    Anybody Frolf? (Frisbee Golf)

    Some of my friends got me into recently and I love it, does anyone else play?
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    White Sox Trade Thornton To Boston

    via Official WhiteSox Twitter
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    Fire Sign Defender Shaun Francis 26 year old Jamaican from the USL Charlotte Eagles. He has played 5 games with the Jamaican national team and this year with his USL team has 3 goals and 2 assists in 12 games. I've never heard of him but he...
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    ESPN: Outside The Lines

    I know many people here are not to keen on ESPN and its shows....what do you all think of Outside The Lines? It is probably my favorite ESPN Show and I don't see all the bias and herp dero stuff that makes everyone anti-ESPN appear on this show, what's the general vibe from this board in regards...
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    Stop Complaining About Eifert

    We didnt get him, get over it. Constantly whining about it is going to do nothing. The draft is over. We picked someone else. So what if we should've taken him, if he would've been a better pick. The fact is we did not pick him so quit whining.
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    Britney Griner Comes Out

    Suprised this wasnt posted already, good for her. Is she prominent enough to encourage other athletes, like some NFL players supposedly to come out?,0,5313864.story