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  1. Bears claim Aguayo

    Bears claim the former 2nd rounder from the Bucs.
  2. Jaye Howard

    Per Schaffer he's signed with the bears for one year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Mike Williams

    With the Bears not signing AJ to the franchise tag or offering the long term deal AJ wanted, does this put Mike Williams on the board for the Bears in the draft at 3? Or is that too early in your opinion? While I could see it being a possibility, the Bears QB situation has to be fixed, as does...
  4. Bears trying to extend Willie Young

    Just came across Bleacher report.. Thoughts? Supposedly looking at 2 years. 16.5 sacks since he's joined the Bears.
  5. Laron Landry released by Colts

    Should the Bears pursue?
  6. Legend of Zelda on Netflix

    Not sure how many guys here played the games but it looks like nintendo is allowing a Netflix series of the Legend of Zelda to hit the market. From what I have heard is that it will be like Game of Thrones but more family friendly...
  7. Coming to Chicago

    So as some of you know, I was born in Chicago but have since moved to Cincinnati. My current girlfriend has never been to a big city so I told her I would bring her to Chicago (she wants to see the lights on Michigan Ave). Any suggestions on where I should take her? It's been so long since I've...
  8. Internet help

    Ok so I have a question for you all... My girlfriend and I are switching to time warner from ATT u verse mainly because we're on uverse, paying for high speed and we're constantly testing out at 2.0 mbps download time. It's awful. I don't want to pay the rental fee for a modem/wireless router...
  9. New to XBOX One

    So my girlfriend just bought me an Xbox One for my birthday and she got madden with it. What other games should I look at getting for it? I've been on the 360 for a while and I definitely wasn't expecting her to get this so I haven't had time to do my research.
  10. Browns turn down Hardknocks

    Per NFL network, the Browns have turned down hardknocks with Pettine saying he, "just wants to get through his first year."
  11. Christmas

    What is everyone asking for? I have no clue what to ask for this year. Shit was a lot easier when I was little and toys were the shit. Now all I can think of wanting is socks and boxers. I'm getting old.
  12. Cheap Jerseys

    No this is not spam. Anyone get any of the new Nike NFL jerseys from any of those cheap sites.. Which one do you use? Don't bother posting about how terrible of a person I am from ordering from them because quite frankly, I don't give a damn.
  13. Emery free to fire Lovie after this season Kind of figured this is how it would be. Lovie better win this year! What are your guys thoughts?
  14. New Nike Uniforms

    Anyone know if Nike is going to re-vamp all of the teams current uni's? I know reebok has to currently own the designs of the current uniforms so I was wondering if Nike is going to have to change all of the uniforms. I had heard that they may go to the pro combat style. Has anyone else heard...
  15. I need a solution....

    So guys... There are these two chicks. I wanna nail both of them.. preferably at the same time. Any thoughts?
  16. Engagement

    So as many of you know, this past summer I got engaged to my girlfriend of three years. Today, she broke it off. 4 days before our 4 year anniversary. I know a lot of you probably don't care but right now I am trying to do whatever I can to help myself cope with what is going on. Any suggestions...
  17. Dez Clark answering questions

    Just text him a question and he responded. I asked him what his favorite moment playing for the Bears was and he said running out of the tunnel for the super bowl. I remember the couple of days last year where he was posting on the site here. Good guy, class act. Too bad it didn't work out for...
  18. Facebook??

    Anyone else having trouble logging in? It will not load for anything on any computer in my house. It won't load on my ipod or my phone either.
  19. Bears looking at Steelers Colon

    Bears contact Colon; busy behind scenes - Chicago Bears Blog - ESPN Chicago Thoughts?
  20. Beardown28 hits 1,000

    Yes yes thank you all. I really appreciate all of the encouragement! I have finally hit 1,000 posts with this one right here. Wow what a great year its been. From Melissa talking about rape and morning fucks to code finally coming out of the closet. I'm so glad I have got to spend the memories...