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  1. Raskolnikov

    ***OFFICIAL*** Chicago White Sox 2022 SEASON THREAD

    You He’s a high risk data/feel manager with pitching sometimes. Like Madden. We aren’t on these guys level and we haven’t had their daily conversations. He may have been “saving” someone for tomorrow, or “trusting” someone today so they have confidence in HIS confidence or the whole team...
  2. Raskolnikov

    Soccer on Soldier Field 14 hours before Bears’ home opener

    Furthermore, soccer studds are much like the machine they use to aerate the grass, and because you aren’t grappling each other you aren’t tearing big chunks of grass out exerting hundreds and hundreds of pound of pressure against each other while going nowhere.
  3. Raskolnikov

    Soccer on Soldier Field 14 hours before Bears’ home opener

    The game is also spread out and gameplay uses the entire pitch. It’s football and concerts and weather that destroy the soldier field grass.
  4. Raskolnikov

    Sports Illustrated projects the Chicago Bears hit their rock bottom in new power rankings

    I agree with the assessment 100%. Say what you will about Nagy X’s and O’s but somehow he got total team buy-in. Both offense and defense. Sadly the offense didn’t know how to be unpredictable OR versatile despite the right theory. I’ll never get that. Why we were tipping our pitches when...
  5. Raskolnikov

    Soccer on Soldier Field 14 hours before Bears’ home opener

    Or soccer doesn’t tear up a field unevenly between the hashes like football or compress the grass like a concert. The converts do far more damage than a soccer game.
  6. Raskolnikov

    OT: Jerry Jeudy Arrested

    I have two last names, but am actually changing them into what will appear two first names.
  7. Raskolnikov

    Should the Blackhawks pursue Barry Trotz?

    It’s better than what we got and the defensive focus is what we need. Q brought grit to a team around prime Kane. Old Kane can still win it all with a sports psychologist, an analytics czar who understands data in chaos of sports, and a defense/goalie.
  8. Raskolnikov

    What should the Chicago Bulls do with Coby White?

    Agreed. I’m thinking more of what gives DeRozan a best last shot. The DeRozan window is short. At worst Lavine can be what the Pistons had with Prince for many more years. That’s why I don’t get not trading White at the deadline when he showed a glimpse of offensive talent. No point in...
  9. Raskolnikov

    OMG what did the Lions just do?

    Cam Newton “COULD” have won sure, but he’s all cock and no balls. He could have. But to win he would have had to jump on a loose ball but he didn’t think the key moment of a Super Bowl was worth risking a defensive end body jumping into the shit with a bunch of like defensive ends and stuff.
  10. Raskolnikov

    OMG what did the Lions just do?’s bullshit by both of you. So you see one cocksucker slurping decency out of humanity and you grab the first cock you see? (No offense to actual cock suckers intended, god bless them always)
  11. Raskolnikov

    Bears release “#2” TE

    More like Nagy’s jizz sock.
  12. Raskolnikov

    Jones trade

    You never pay a got to have it free agent price AND a wealth in picks. You could buy any free agent you want with that money. You could have drafted that defensemen with this years pick. We overpaid twice(and still can’t play defense which honestly he’s not a huge help with), what is there to...
  13. Raskolnikov

    What should the Chicago Bulls do with Coby White?

    I would consider sending him to the Lakers with Caruso and a third team involved for moving Westbrook. Do we want Westbrook? Might depend on Lavines decision. And Lavine could sign and trade.
  14. Raskolnikov

    Should the Blackhawks Trade Kane and Toews?

    Kaner could have scored 80 goals a year if the buttons hadn’t have gotten stuck on his controller.
  15. Raskolnikov

    Dane Brugler had Velus at WR25

    Poltergeist when I was 8 was less than half as scary as a full grown vampire head ass middle aged man facing that haunt head on and dead sober. Can’t be unseen. Can’t hardly live after seeing it. If you weren’t sober, you sure as fucking are a moment later. I don’t know how to say it, but I...
  16. Raskolnikov

    Bears sign next great training camp hero.

    I’m gonna name my boy Brave Finkle
  17. Raskolnikov

    Bears sign next great training camp hero.

    For real Alshon Jeffery had a fake birth certificate and played Pee Wee football when he was 17. I’ve seen the tape. It’s out there.
  18. Raskolnikov

    Bears sign next great training camp hero.

    Curry was pretty fast compared to a Lamborghini but Monk was 6’5” in elementary school.
  19. Raskolnikov

    Should the bears sign Jake Fromm from the giants PS?

    You matter CCS fantasy champion.