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  1. NealKleren

    Met Derrick Rose Today!!!

    It was crazy packed. Really unorganized too. They were supposed to hand out wrist bands for everyone but if they did then they didn't hand many out. They said if you didn't have one you had to leave. The thing is where I was I don't think they were handing them out. Regardless my friends left...
  2. NealKleren

    I Hate Missing Football Because Of Work

    Anyone else have this problem? Only games I've been seeing are the past Monday night football games. It seems like I've been scheduled on Sunday every week now. And I'm not really one of those people that can record the game and watch it for later either.
  3. NealKleren

    Anyone Play Guitar?

    I might buy one and start learning how to play one. I was just wondering if you taught yourself (if so how) or if someone taught you. And if its easy to catch on to(I know its different for everyone,but I'm just curious)and how hard it is to learn tabs/notes,etc.
  4. NealKleren

    Noah sent back to Chicago

    Quote from ESPN under Rumors. "A source has confirmed to that Noah was sent back to Chicago by the French national team to have his right ankle checked out. According to, there are some concerns about the ankle injury he suffered during the season. The FFBB said in a...
  5. NealKleren

    (First)Car Suggestions

    I'm now finally getting my first car. Yesterday I test drove a Pontiac Grand Am GT 2002. I thought everything was nice about it but the gas pedal. I wasnt used to it since I'm used to driving my dads Ford Explorer and I've also driven my friends truck as well which I was fine with. I was...
  6. NealKleren

    Last Game You Played And Finished

    The last game I played was Bioshock 2. Pretty good. The first one seems a bit longer to me imo. I cant wait for Bioshock Infinite though,that game is going to be sick!!! =D
  7. NealKleren

    Last Game You Played And Beaten

    The last game I played was Bioshock 2. Pretty good. The first one seems a bit longer to me imo. I cant wait for Bioshock Infinite though,that game is going to be sick!!! =D
  8. NealKleren

    Advice For A Sprained Ankle

    So I was playing basketball last night,went in for a layup after getting past everyone and when I was near the rim I was going to throw it right and kick it to my friend who was at the 3 point line instead of laying it in and then my ankle just twisted so crazy. Once I finally could,I walked it...
  9. NealKleren

    Thinking about making my own t shirts

    I might not even do it since I'm not the best at photoshop and other programs but me and my friend might try it out and see how it works. I just have to think of good ideas and hopefully I think of some good ones. I just did these real quick,nothing fancy or anything just basic ideas. I'm also...
  10. NealKleren

    David Stern Wants To Change The Interference Rule....For The Worst!!!

    I just read this article on yahoo sports and if David Stern is seriously going to do this I will hate him even more. What would be the point of seeing if the ball goes in then? Seriously this is the dumbest thing I ever heard and I hope they don't do this. David Stern wants to make the NBA...
  11. NealKleren

    Paid $75 for a 300 level seat and got Courtside!!!

    Paid $75 for a 300 level seat and got Court Row Seats!!! I went to Stubhub to pic up my tickets and they were like do you want to upgrade for free? They offered me the 100 level tickets Row A seats 1 and 2. This was the luckiest day of my life. I also got a picture with Neil Funk and got Stacey...
  12. NealKleren

    What Are You Watching On Youtube

    So a lot of us might go on Youtube and find some pretty cool or funny stuff so I thought I would make this thread to share what you have watched on Youtube. YouTube - POKEMON IN REAL LIFE!
  13. NealKleren

    Beastie Boys

    YouTube - Fight For Your Right - Revisited
  14. NealKleren

    Favorite Basketball Movies

    What are some of your favorite basketball movies? Whether they be about the NBA,fictional movies,documentaries,ect? I was wondering what some of your guys were. One of my favorites I'm only watching for the second time right now is Hoop Dreams.
  15. NealKleren

    Bad Teacher Jordan VS Lebron Arguement Scene

    If you've seen the trailer then you've probably already seen this but to me this never gets old lol. YouTube - Funny LeBron/Jordan Part with Jason Segel in "Bad Teacher"
  16. NealKleren


    Anyone else play? I just started yesterday,its pretty fun. I still have to get better at it though.
  17. NealKleren

    All Star Weekend

    I've been watching the celebrity all star game and Scottie is lighting it up lol
  18. NealKleren

    Anyone know anything about broken tvs?

    My tvs been doing this,idk if its because of the lightbulb or what YouTube - Is This My Samsung TVs Light Bulb Causing This?
  19. NealKleren

    Sony PSP2 Revealed!!!

    I cant wait until this comes out!!! The Sony PSP2, codenamed NGP -- Engadget
  20. NealKleren

    Whats the next step for the Chicago Bears?

    1.Imo we first need to get better offensive linemen.We need to get Cutler some protection if we think he will become the elite QB we know he can be. 2.Get some new cornerbacks(imo I really think ours don't cut it,we get burned a lot by receivers) 3.Find a number 1 receiver.All of our receivers...