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  1. ruprecht

    Let's say.....

    They make the playoffs, both Dach and Toews are back. What do your lines look like? Please note, I am not saying they will. Just an exercise.
  2. ruprecht

    My dad always says....

    You can snow the snowman, but you can't shit the shitbird. Are you a snowman or a shitbird?
  3. ruprecht

    ESPN 8 The Ocho

    Dodgeball on ESPN2, calling it ESPN8 The Ocho lol. Other crazy sports too. Interesting.
  4. ruprecht

    Porn Question

    Why is squirting a thing?
  5. ruprecht

    Is Watson the GOAT?

    Too early to tell.
  6. ruprecht

    Dating sites

    Been divorced for about a year and considering biting the dating site bullet. Anyone done this, had any luck etc? I feel like maybe I am jumping the shark if I do this.
  7. ruprecht


    Oregon goes full on legal tomorrow. :cum:
  8. ruprecht


    Self love session. Im going to go with Marge Simpson. I wont go in to my stint wth amputee porn, or my recent explosive session with Helen Mirren who is like 75 years old.
  9. ruprecht

    I'm thinking.....

    The Bears flip their record next year. I'm saying 10-6. What say you? #calledit
  10. ruprecht

    Face sitting vs tribbing

    Oops, wrong message board.
  11. ruprecht


    Dont care for it much myself. Dicks are gross and I sure wouldn't want to suck one. I ESPECIALLY dont like it when they put your balls in their mouth, That may stem from the fact that my brother told me when I was little that some girls like to bite off your balls when they do that. He also...
  12. ruprecht


    It is OK to post vile videos of animal testing/torture but not jiggling booties? Makes perfect sense. What the.absolute fuck?
  13. ruprecht

    Oh what a night.

    Wasn't late December or '63, but I vaguely remember losing my virginity. There was a bottle of Jim Beam involved, a campfire seduction, 1 minute of bliss by the trail, and later, poison ivy from my taint to my peehole. Also, on Monday I discovered she had a fairly luxurious mustache. In my...
  14. ruprecht

    Genital Warts

    I have a "friend" who may have contracted these and want to know the best way to deal with them. Compound W? Dry ice? A very sharp knife? I feel like Grimson may know something about this.
  15. ruprecht

    The Jinx

    Anybody watch this series? Mind blowing ending. Robert Durst is a creepy motherfucker.
  16. ruprecht


    A group of porcupines is called a prickle. A blue whale penis averages 8 ft in length, but "only" 12" in girth. TIME magazine named Joseph Stalin "Man of the Year" twice. (1939 & 1942)
  17. ruprecht

    Playoff Hockey?

    Nothing better.
  18. ruprecht

    OT: Giants vs Panthers

    With 12 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter, Eli has been sacked 6 times. Sound familiar?