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  1. bufordht

    Would fields have been the #1 pick in this draft?

    There's really no doubt. Jacksonville would've gotten a huge payday for the pick. Fields would've been the only option for any team wanting a QB. Another hypothetical, what would the bears have had to give up to move from 7 to 1 to get him? An extra first and change sounds pretty cheap huh...
  2. bufordht

    First Pick next year - forget BPA, what POSITION do you want to blue chip at?

    I'd really like to see them get the best football player in the draft at the position he plays.
  3. bufordht

    Ranking the 2022 NFL Draft class

    Fixed that for ya
  4. bufordht

    Hub Speculations....

    The QB is literally the only reason to take this job. Bad cap situation, depleted draft picks ... Seriously, why would he take the job if he doesn't like the QB? Geez people are dumb
  5. bufordht

    Building a good team is better than building for a specific player.

    This is hilarious! I read some stuff online so I know more than an entire professional scouting department. I mean...really? These guys do this for a living and are wrong all the time. I love how fans think they could do so much better cuz they watched a couple clips or read a couple hot takes.
  6. bufordht

    Mel Kiper’s NFL draft grades Anyone?

    How does this guy have a job? Seriously? He says they picked up 2 starters in the 2nd but they aren't the right starters I guess? Doesn't say who they should've taken... Lazy lazy lazy
  7. bufordht

    Not happy with the draft? Who should Poles have picked? Give us names.

    Unswerving support? Asking who you would've drafted is unswerving support? Maybe just answer the question instead of deflecting.
  8. bufordht

    ~17% of players drafted in rounds 5-7 are retained by the team that drafted them by the end of their rookie contract

    They just need to find a way to get 311 picks in rounds 5-7 and the whole roster will be full.
  9. bufordht

    A 2nd round WR isn’t going to make or break Justin Fields' career.

    Lol, see what I mean folks? Read the first line again. You must be one of the "many people."
  10. bufordht

    A 2nd round WR isn’t going to make or break Justin Fields' career.

    Many people don't quite understand that stats do not equal development. Getting help around him would improve his stats, that doesn't necessarily mean he is developing. Putting up poor stats this season doesn't mean that he hasn't developed. The make or break for Fields is can he learn to read...
  11. bufordht

    Jaquan Brisker

  12. bufordht

    Which one do you like better?

    The one on the left
  13. bufordht

    Poll: Will the Bears have a better record than last season? (6-11)

    My wife could've coached last year's team to 7 wins. Nagy leaving town is worth 3 wins easy.
  14. bufordht

    Is Monty gone after this season?

    I'd say franchise tag him, then let him go the next year when they can get a comp pick for him. It's all about comp picks guys.
  15. bufordht

    Is Monty gone after this season?

    To play the devil's advocate's advocate, Herbert looked pretty decent at times in the same situation. Does a competent offensive coordinator enable Herbert to show Montgomery is expendable?
  16. bufordht

    How unlikely is this?

    I can't imagine Baltimore NOT giving up 7 picks for 39...
  17. bufordht

    Will Jesper be moving toward an WR roll instead of a TE role in the new coach's scheme?

    I agree he had the aforementioned abilities you mentioned within the inside of his skill set but I would also like to point out that he also has these abilities within the outside of his skill set of skills.
  18. bufordht

    5 Speedy WR's for the Bears in the 2022 NFL Draft

    "An easy argument can be made that the Chicago Bears do not have a speedy threat in their wide receiver group as the roster stands right now." I didn't read much past this.
  19. bufordht

    Fields not a finished product?

    Can they have some sort of function where the board can vote off the trolls? Like one you get so many votes you're banned for life.