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  1. VashalasX

    Literally what is up with all of the strangely-named posters whomst are joining over night-time hours?

    Arham Richards Oneria Winy Bill Ietcher Daniel Ompson Javier Tayloe Carlos Patersion Glena Dweni These names literally seem to appear to be the names of people who literally live inside what has been termed a "uncanny valley" where they are sort of people names but if you stare at them and...
  2. VashalasX

    Hearing and seeing reporting that Justin Feilds and literally the whole offense is showing signs of struggling today at camp, starting to panic guys.

    Equananonymous St. Brown and Brian Pringle showed up to Bears optional miniature camp to learn new offence coach Luke Gesty's new scheme. Despite Bear fans not expectating absolute complete and udder comprehensive exercution from these fresh faces literally inside the middle of April things...
  3. VashalasX

    Aparently Trever Gipson is literally pissed off that the bears traded his mentor Mack away from him according to what he said inside a presser today!

    He basically said that Mack taught him how to be a man and literally carry himselve as a professional on the team and that losing Mack means they lost those teachings but maybe Gibson needs to learn more about knowledge of self from his own selve and stop relying on another man to tell him how...
  4. VashalasX

    I just heard on the score 670 am radio that Getty literally flipped the tackles Borom and Jenkens L vs R tackle at camp today?

    Borom literally protecting the blind side and Jenkins on the Right because Eberflus said they will even up maybe through the first game be trying all sorts of players at all sorts of different positions all over the field on defence and offence because they want to see what the players can do...
  5. VashalasX

    Official thread for your highest graded PFF mock drafts that you are most proud of whether it is for BPA or need or a mixture of those two concepts

    I received the highest grade from the people at PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS and believe this is a good mock that focuses solely on best player available at the picks they are picked at. Please use this thread if you are able to get a A+ or just a A or A- or even a B+ No Cs please as my mother's...
  6. VashalasX

    Where on the line backer line will Roquan be playing on the new defence now that the defence is a 4/3 defence?

    Middle or weak side is my best guesses but I guess he should be playing wherever he himselve feels most comfortable playing because he is literally the star and leader of the defence now that we are fairly pretty much surely certain that Akeim Hicks is literally a goner. What do you people...
  7. VashalasX

    Will Jesper be moving toward an WR roll instead of a TE role in the new coach's scheme?

    Let's face the facts and understand together that Jesper Horsehead is literally a wr trapped inside a TE body and has the ball skills and speed and abilities within the inside of his skill set to play more of an WR position then a TE position as he is a better catcher then a blocker and doesn't...
  8. VashalasX

    Some of the things POLES is doing appear to seem to me to be percievable as unprofessional in my opinion

    This is a examble of the point I'm making inside my thread title of this thread: [URL unfurl="true"]Tyquan Thornton has visited Broncos, Packers, Bears and also has had workouts - ProFootballTalk[/URL] I will literally never understand why the bears would bring in Thornton for visit and...
  9. VashalasX

    My thoughts for a OL strategy for a down season next season to bridge the gap for the 2023 season

    I am literally flabberghasted at all of the jumping of the gun and people getting so mad about the OL work that has been done and yet to be done already when Poles hasn't even been able to draft yet but instead of being a negative Sally and whining like a little ***** about it I remember what my...
  10. VashalasX

    Is there any chance that Poles tries to acturally retain the services of Akeim Hicks and sign him for a extension to keep him as a Bear for life?

    I'm reading that the Browns want him but would pay him only about 5.5 million dollars per year but I really can't fathom the bears letting him go for them to sign if they can afford the price tag which I think they can and should! Hicks is literally the engine of the bears D and is the heart...
  11. VashalasX

    Why do i see some fans literally kicking Ryan Poles to the curb already when free agency literally just started and we also have the draft and exetera

    We literally just entered inside free agency and knew that he wouldn't be making a big splash at the start because he literally said he wouldn't and we should take him at his word for that because word is bond but there are still people upset he hasn't signed a big name replacement for any of...
  12. VashalasX

    Holy gosh did you guys know that Justin Feilds is practicing quarterbacking with Colin Kaepernack and Black Rainbow literally ruined a thread about it

    This is intriguingly interesting to myselve to find out when I got onto Twitter the other day to catch up myselve on the bears news of the off-season and really made me think upon the fact that Kaeperneck acturally was the first sort of quarterback like Justin Feilds but way before Justin Feilds...
  13. VashalasX

    This is the Official superbowl Halve time show thread

    I have been waiting for this halve time show for literally my whole entire life as far as the calibre of talent that is going to be up upon the halve time show stage tonight I mean are you kidding me? MJB? Snoop? Dre? Em? AND Kendrik? All together? Just think of all the hits these all have...
  14. VashalasX

    Holy crap nobody even ever made the probowl official IGT?

    Mac Jones literally fumbled in a exhibitionary game just now in the probowl but they didn't even pressure him and even if they did they literally aren't even tackling in this game. Some ignoramuses think Mack Jones is better than Feilds tho hahahaha losers!
  15. VashalasX

    Are the bears going to hire the GM based upon the HC that they have to settle with hiring because the GM is connected to the HC they are left with?

    So they literally aren't getting Dabolls because he wants to go to a bigger market with more of a ground floor and probably better more competent ownership unlike the ignoramus bears owners and probably are seeing the same thing with other HC candidates that our offensive minded so basically are...
  16. VashalasX

    Vick's number one reason why Daboll should be the bears HC of the future and make the Bears into a team maybe perhaps as good as the Bills!

    Reason #1 Josh Allen looked almost exactly as challenged by the pro game as much as Justin Feilds looked if you were to compare their rookie seasons side by side literally apples to apples and people were calling Allen a bust just like bears fans were calling the same of Feilds and if you look...
  17. VashalasX

    I am literally going to **** tonight like i hve never ****ed before tonight!

    So I lost tonight but only a tiny little bit of ETH because I had placed a tiny wager to literally hedge upon my emotional bets of my 4th favorite team advancing and the Packers losing to the San Francisco Forty Niner-Goulds but I am more-so a winner when all is settled because i not only...
  18. VashalasX

    Who dey

    Who dey think isn't going to score a feild goal after a interception on the first play of the game? Go bangels!!!
  19. VashalasX

    I will never understand why after probably only viewing ONE GAME from the Bills in the playoffs that now Daboll is supposed to be the bears new HC?

    It's like someone whomst only watched bears games decides to acturally pay attention to another team and decides that is a sufficient level of experience with the team and the offense and the coordinator considered to be a HC candidate to make this sort of assessment that Daboll is capable of...