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  1. Myk

    Cohen Hurt Again

    Maybe it's not the universe but the large football players who seemed to take offense that a small guy could burn them and made him pay when they caught him. Meanwhile the refs usually did nothing.
  2. Myk

    Ryan Poles emphasizes Chicago Bears will help Justin Fields “succeed”

    Historically. You know, the whole reason Bears fans can't accept the fact that rules have changed.
  3. Myk

    Ryan Poles emphasizes Chicago Bears will help Justin Fields “succeed”

    If they were highly talented they'd likely be gone by the 3rd. I don't care to hear your excuses or rationalizations about how some 7th rounder somewhere was a great. If that's the case then I guess we need to stop having BPA magically always be defense. Get your defensive BPA in the 7th. We're...
  4. Myk

    Ryan Poles emphasizes Chicago Bears will help Justin Fields “succeed”

    True fans don't give their time, money or excuses to a team or enable them to be this bad. True fans want their team to win. Obviously what the Bears are doing doesn't work so true fans want the team's plan to change into what works for many other teams. You're not just excusing a losing team...
  5. Myk

    Ryan Poles emphasizes Chicago Bears will help Justin Fields “succeed”

    I'll believe it when I see it. I find it hard to believe that the plan is now to load up on oline that already has 1/3 that will need cut with more high end oline so that we will need to cut every one of those 6s and 7s that we just traded down for. But I'll believe it when I see it. In the...
  6. Myk

    Let's compare apples to oranges....

    So far I'm sick of hearing we need a 6 year rebuild every 4 years. If Poles is actually selling that he should be fired today, let's get a head start on the next long rebuild. Maybe it will actually get finished next time instead of being used as an excuse for the GM/HC doing nothing.
  7. Myk

    Bears fired mark sadowski

    He was from the Angelo era. Frankly I'm amazed we've kept anyone who's been scouting through this much failure on that long.
  8. Myk

    Building a good team is better than building for a specific player.

    Yeah, OK. Yay! Poles really cares about the oline, he filled it with 6th and 7th rounders because the NFL requires that you have players on the field. He got players to follow the rules! We're going to the Super Bowl ... after a 10 year rebuild. Don't bother looking at those other teams that can...
  9. Myk

    Building a good team is better than building for a specific player.

    There's your problem, you think it's only a QB and WRs. Keep your QB clean and you can get by with less at those positions. Keep your QB clean and have a good QB and good receivers and you have a team that can hang with the best. Hang with the best while your defense can screw up their plans to...
  10. Myk

    Top WR Free Agents

    I was agreeing. I sure wasn't part of all of us expecting a great WR in the 2nd.
  11. Myk

    Building a good team is better than building for a specific player.

    You need an offense period. Getting one would be there no matter who the QB is. You don't need to do that specific for a QB. Not only would getting an offense now give Fields a chance and not getting it now lessens that chance, getting an offense now would help the next QB be something their...
  12. Myk

    Top WR Free Agents

    I wasn't looking for a WR. I'm not one to believe in low round WRs (too many camp heros under my belt to believe that). I'm also rarely someone who gets hyped for any specific college players. I don't watch college so they need a lot of draft hype to catch my attention. If I'm wanting a...
  13. Myk

    Top WR Free Agents

    I've been agreeing with beef block or 3 years suck since it became a thing on CBMB. I agree, give the QB time and any offense looks much better (with some proper scramble drill coaching not our usual " the route is done, I'm out"). We're already sure to cut at least 5, we drafted 4. Some of...
  14. Myk

    National analyst praises Chicago Bears fifth round selection

    I like how he fills the spandex. Beyond that I have to wait and see on our field. We've had players that looked the part before.
  15. Myk

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Did someone not get the memo that you shouldn't pay for high round WRs? They might have brittle bones.
  16. Myk

    Top WR Free Agents

    They drafted 1 player short of a complete oline. On top of who we still have I don't see them assuring we'll have more oline cuts than we already have. We have 15, 1/3-1/2 already aren't going to make the cut. I'd be sure we'll try for a FA WR although affordability is an issue and as you said...
  17. Myk

    Ryan Poles failed to find Justin Fields a stud in 2022 NFL draft

    I'm going to guess had Poles picked offense in the 2nd his fans and anti-fans would be the complete opposite with the only ones staying the same being the blind homers who will praise anything the Bears do.
  18. Myk

    Can these picks help win games?

    The odds of defense single handedly winning games on their own is slim. I can think of the AZ game where that would apply in anything close to being recent and I think that was before the rule changes. Not losing games, yes. Giving the offense more chances to win, yes. The problem is unless...
  19. Myk

    Football Outsiders: Bears Grade "F"

    That's the biggest problem. We're likely stuck with this low round oline through Fields' contract and into the next QB's contract. If there isn't a hidden gem or 3, we likely wasted 2 1sts for Fields and we'll waste 2-3 picks for the next QB. Filling holes on defense when it creates the biggest...
  20. Myk

    Braxton Jones and Zachary Thomas

    Ideally late 2022, but at least by Fields' 3rd year. Hopefully the 5th round T we got will be ready by the end of this year (because if he's not he's probably another low round T we'll be stuck with in spite of him sucking). Hindsight being 20/20 that 2nd round T should've been taken instead of...