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  1. bufordht

    If Justin Fields is a complete bust

    At least we aren't Lions fans am I right?
  2. bufordht

    Fields extension

    With all the pro bowls and Superbowls that Fields is about to win, does anyone think it would be wise to start working on an extension now before his value gets too high?
  3. bufordht

    Could red zone play calling be worse?

    Idk, maybe back to back to back flea flickers?
  4. bufordht

    Covid count

    Anyone else have covid? Have we noticed any posters mysteriously disappear?
  5. bufordht

    Does anyone think the QB competition is fake?

    Does anyone think that there won't really be a QB competition because QB competitions are never actually real and only sheep think they are and that Pace only traded for Foles to save his job when Trubisky sucks again and that Trubisky will start till about week 4 before Foles takes over but it...
  6. bufordht

    Antonio Gates to Chicago?

    In a full body cast, still an upgrade... Someone had to do it right?
  7. bufordht

    Sign Pouncey, move Whitehair?

    Just a thought
  8. bufordht

    Secret Interview today a HOME RUN-- Bears Fans Welcome your New Coach

    Is this getting old yet?
  9. bufordht

    McDaniels Interview today a HOME RUN-- Bears Fans Welcome your New Coach

    McDaniels Interview today a HOME RUN-- Bears Fans Welcome your New Coach From what Im hearing 2 hours McDaniels broke down the following with a slew of plays from Bears various plays that Minnesota used to game plan defensively--Total Interview was 4 hours 1. Mechanics- Broke down times of...
  10. bufordht

    GMs ask BB to be respectful

    General managers from around the National Football League have sent an official petition to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell requesting that Bill Belichick stop snickering to himself and muttering “Ha, suckers” upon the completion of every offseason transaction. “A first- and third-round pick in...
  11. bufordht

    Ultimate mocking draft

    Swear I'm not trolling at all. 1. Wentz 2. Goff 3. Tunsil 4. Jack 5. Bosa 6. Stanley 7. Lynch 8. Elliott 9. Conklin 10.Floyd 11. Redskins trade us 21 and 53 and take Buckner 21. Bears take A'Shawn Robinson 41. Derrick Henry 53. Hunter Henry 72. Dak Prescott 106. Charone Peake WR 127. Trade...
  12. bufordht

    Wilkerson and Jackson

    Sign Wilkerson and Malik Jackson. Obviously it won't happen, but can you imagine that line?
  13. bufordht

    Bucs sign Garrett Wolfe

    Just kidding.
  14. bufordht

    Trading back and breaking knees

    I've always been intrigued by the way NE seems to stockpile picks. In the end it still comes down to picking the right players, but how would y'all feel if Emery traded the fourteenth pick for and early second and a first next year? If a team like Oakland, Cleveland, or Tampa doesn't go with a...
  15. bufordht

    Free Streams?

    Anyone have a link for a free stream of the game?
  16. bufordht

    22 reasons why being a Packer fan is...

    the worst love hate relationship of your life. 1. You hate your sheep...but you also looooooooove your sheep. 2. Same, but with your sister. 3. etc...