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    NBA Trade Deadline thread.
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    ZL just wants to win
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    Ayo up to #10 in ESPN rookie rankings drafted 38th…was a steal!
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    NBA All Star Voting/Southern cities better than Cleveland For those that want to get some Bulls in the game
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    CCS Fantasy Football Keeper League

    We have 1 spot left to fill for the start of a CCS Keeper League. it will be a 3 player max keep with an extra flex position and .5 ppr the draft is this coming Sunday at 7:30pm central time. its a $25 buy in only those that want to be in a reoccurring league should inquire anyone with any...
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    CCS fantasy football league #2

    @Grimson @mceownr22 @clonetrooper264 @Midway Fields @nc0gnet0 @wickerkat @Chicagosports89 @dentfan @Jsnowball81 theres 9 people that didn’t get in on the first league that expressed interest in doing a CCS league. If one of you wants to kinda take charge of starting a league and inviting these...
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    CCS Fantasy football

    If any of you jabroni’s think you actually know football and wanna put your money where your mouth is, go to this forum and let it be known you want to join a CCS fantasy football league. We are looking to do a couple leagues again this year like last year. It’ll be a PPR league. Looking at...
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    Is Demar Derozan a good fit on the bulls?

    Would you give Derozan 3 years and 60 million? Especially knowing it limits what you can do at PG?
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    IGT vs Phillies

    If anyone cares…lol bases loaded 1 out and back to back K’s from wisdom and joc to end the inning. Pathetic
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    Dynasty/Keeper Fantasy LEAGUE

    Whomst among you would be interested in starting a CCS Dynasty/Keeper league this season? I know @ijustposthere is interested. Figuring a 12 team league and those interested can discuss rules/parameters for the league. Let @zack54attack be the keeper of the $$ if he’s interested in joining...
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    For those that continually complain about trading him away for Chapman... how do you feel now that he’s got 3 total homers between last year and this year? not that any of you should bitch about it anyways, seeing as how we got a ring by making that move
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    NBA All Star Zach Lavine

    Congrats to the guy for making the squad! Wonder if he will do the 3point contest this year? I know he wanted to last season
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    Correcting a wrong
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    New Puppy

    Figured these days why not brighten everyone’s day
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    Stock Market/Investing

    Dow dropped 1,000 points earlier today. Anyone throwing more $$ at things for the 3% discount?
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    Lavine/Boylen Seems that lavine is warming up to boylen now
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    Fantasy Baseball

    I was curious if anyone is interested in getting a CCS league going? Or maybe there’s one already going.
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    Happy Birthday to the GOAT

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    rex brothers

    traded for him today. solid lefty reliever...probably marks the end for travis wood in a cubs uni
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    Joakim Noah everyone still ready to dump Noah??? just wait