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    The Voice of the Illini

    Jim Turpin has died. Had a long run. During the Korean war he was on the radio over there. Military guys called him the Voice of Korea. Radio legend Jim Turpin passes away
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    Bears vs Packers Rerun

    NFL channel at 11 today. Sept 9 2018 Week1. Something to watch.
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    Plane vs Train

    If you're having problems while flying it's probably a bad idea to land on railroad tracks. Police pull pilot from plane moments before train crash
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    The Colonel would not be happy about this. KFC’s new plant-based Beyond Fried Chicken may pose a problem for vegans, vegetarians
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    Great Person

    We need more people like this. Ring camera catches jogger rescuing pets from California house fire: 'Special kind of person'
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    You cunts already gave up? Man up.
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    Big Fish

    If I caught this I would let it go. CATCH OF A LIFETIME: Decatur man reels in 90-lb. catfish
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    It's Early

    Bad game to not have Jose. Beer and smoke will do. Should be some interesting posts after the game.
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    Not Much of a Meltdown

    I expected CCS posters would be more insane. Naming Foles the starter should do it. LOL
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    Scary truck part breaks

    The tie rod on my 1 ton work van broke about an hour ago. I was at low speed but 4 min before running 65. Happened 7 blocks from the shop I use and the damn thing made it. Guys were shocked. Would have been different at 65.
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    Deck Toads

    We have an elevated deck with stairs . In the last week I have found a toad on it 3 times. There are 9 steps so I don't think the toads are climbing them. It's a deck mystery. LOL
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    Hell of a Ride

    Doesn't sound like fun. Renowned Vermont hot air balloon pilot falls to death after getting caught under basket: 'Creative genius'
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    Breaking in to the jail?

    Guess this doesn't happen often in small cities. LOL Troopers investigating after car hits county jail
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    Grocery Shopping

    We went to walmart today .After loading mulch and some soil I stayed in the van and had a couple of beers. Wife comes out with a very full cart. Asked how much and her answer was 319 fucking dollars. Damn.
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    Space Balloon

    I don't think so. Florida company offers luxury trip to space for $125,000 price tag
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    Greg Olsen

    Damn he has a tough kid. Greg Olsen's son heads home after successful heart transplant surgery
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    Best Salesman Ever

    This sucks. Frank Bonner, ‘WKRP in Cincinnati' star, dead at 79
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    Local News

    Not sure what to say. Farm selling goats
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    Big Day Tomorrow

    I am a very lucky man. Wife and I will hit 40 years of marriage. Still in love and still happy. Spend all of our time together. All she wants for the day is to do yard work , fire up the grill and spend time on the deck. Will be a great day.
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    Hard workers. Goat, sheep ‘landscapers’ weed out invasive plants